'Bones' Will Never Go Away

Good news, Bones fans: Despite all those rumors of casting drama behind the scenes (specifically, David Boreanaz possibly wanting off the show), it looks like things are A-OK for this show as of now. So OK, in fact, that there's apparently already talk of another season for the series, which would likely be its last. According to EW, Fox chairman Kevin Reilly commented at the recent Television Critics Association panel that Bones will likely be renewed for a tenth and final season, if things go the way he's planning. Considering he's the chairman of the network, his plans do mean a little something.

"We’re negotiating on Bones for another season I anticipate it will be back," Reilly told reporters, before confirming that he also anticipates that the tenth season will be the show's last.

As EW points out, this likely means that there's no casting drama behind the scenes at the moment regarding Boreanaz, because:

I’m hearing it’s very unlikely Reilly would have made such a strong statement of optimism about the show’s return odds if there were any lingering casting issues.

It makes sense — why would Reilly all but confirm a tenth season if Boreanaz was close to leaving the show? And, furthermore, if Boreanaz did want to leave Bones, where would the dude even go? He's done like, a few terrible movies (ugh, I will never forget the terrible that was The Crow: Wicked Prayer), and then, of course, Buffy and Angel, which have been over for a decade now. If he's got some crazy career revival idea up his sleeve, then I would certainly like to hear it.

But yeah, anyway, back to the point: Bones will probably be renewed.

Image: Fox