Get Kendall & Kylie Jenner's AMAs Hair

It was all about black for the Jenner sisters at the American Music Awards. Kendall and Kylie Jenner wore black dresses to the 2015 AMAs. But each sister styled her look in totally opposite ways and with very different hairstyles. The eldest Jenner wore her long, chocolate locks in a topknot with eyelash-skimming, messy bangs, while her little sister went with a messy, center-parted ponytail, with loose pieces framing her face. Clearly, imperfect, sexy, and tossed hair was their thing for the evening and each of 'em looked stunning.

If you would like to get your Kendall or your Kylie on, at least when it comes to your hair, well, Bustle received some tips from stylists via their PR reps on how to copy these looks.

Let's discuss how to get Jenner Sisters AMAs hair, starting with Kylie Jenner, who wore a textured, low ponytail that was a modern take on the French twist, courtesy of celeb stylist Jen Atkin.

Apply RUSK Volumizing Mousse ($18, to damp hair and scrunch with fingers while blow drying with a round brush. After hair is totally dry, create natural, soft waves with a 1.5" barrel curling iron. Follow with a thin straightening iron over random sections so you can create a natural wave pattern.


Next, tease hair at the roots with a fine comb, spraying a dry shampoo, like Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Shampoo ($14.99,, throughout roots. This will add thickness and structure without additional weight.

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Then, gather hair into a low pony at the nape of the neck, twisting one side in a partial French twist that leads into the pony. Secure the twist with a hair bungee and hair pins.

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Finish with RUSK Freezing Spray ($19, to keep the height at the crown in place.

Now, as for Kendall Jenner and her ballerina bun with piecey bangs?

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The model's coif was created by celebrity stylist Etienne Ortega with KMS California products. In a PR email to Bustle, Ortega's statement read: "My inspiration for Kendall's look was a funky modern top knot with a wispy bang, that goes perfect with her high neck dress!"

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Here's how he put the sexy look together if you want to copy it, provided you have long hair and bangs!

Use KMS California ADD VOLUME, a styling foam ($17.50), on damp hair. Blow hair dry, roughly so. Next, use a quarter-sized amount of KMS California HAIR PLAY, which is a messing cream ($20), applying to palms and then raking throughout hair to create texture.

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Next, pull hair into a pony at the top of the head, twisting into a top knot. Finish with KMS California HAIR PLAY Playable Texture ($20), which will keep bangs piecey and defined. All KMS California products are shoppable online.

Who knew the Jenner Sisters' red carpet hair would be so easy to do on your own? These are the templates. You can use similar products to get the same look with these guidelines.