14 Super Bowl Nacho Recipes Because You Need Energy to Yell at the TV

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Nachos are the great equalizer. Many historical figures have gone ahead and assumed full responsibility for a wide range of peace-making situations, but any warm-blooded American nacho eater will tell you that many disputes, misunderstandings, and rivalries have been assuaged not with compromise and mediation, but over a hot plate of crunchy, oozy, cheese-drenched corn chips. So Lincoln and Gandhi should really stop taking all the credit. Which is why nachos should be in plenty at your Super Bowl party! With partygoers cheering for both possible outcomes, nachos will guarantee a middle ground consensus — that putting cheese and meat and sauce on chips (and, subsequently, calling it a "snack") is a very, very good idea. Keep reading for 14 Super Bowl nacho recipes. You're going to need/want/love them.

Image: Climbing Grier Mountain

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