'This Is Why You're Single' = Wise Dating Hilarity

When we're at brunch with our best pals on Sunday morning, it seems like we have the greatest crazy dating stories. But trust me, unless you're having brunch with comedians Laura Lane and Angela Spera, they have you beat. Their completely non-traditional dating guide This Is Why You're Single (Adams Media) will have you simultaneously falling over laughing and nodding along in agreement, because their advice is just too darn on point. Luckily, not only do you not have to wait too long for its release, as it hits shelves December 8, but we teamed up to give you an exclusive chapter reveal straight from the book. And even better? It tackles the ever-necessary topic of self-confidence in dating. Because who doesn't need a healthy extra dose of that when you're heading out the door on an online first date?

When I say This Is Why You're Single is an atypical guide to dating, I mean it. Rather than dispense the tired advice we've all heard, Lane and Spera take a few ideas from Aesop's playbook and dole out modern dating "fables," if you will, that are less "The Tortoise and The Hare" and more the "The Tinder and The Bad Hair Day." The fables recount some of the most common mistakes on the modern quest for love and offer (totally funny and honest) morals of the story.

New York-based comedy writers and performers Lane and Spera have been performing a wildly popular sketch comedy show called This Is Why You're Single, and they recently they parlayed that success to a podcast of the same name. And just to put the gigantic cherry on top of their killer comedy skills, the two friends just signed a development deal to turn This Is Why You're Single into a TV show.

This Is Why You're Single by Laura Lane and Angela Spera, $4, Amazon

Now you can read an exclusive chapter, "You're Selling Yourself Short," (wholly agree, BTW) right here, right now:

Reading this book is like gabbing over Sunday brunch with your experienced, wise, and fun-loving BFFs. And everyone needs more of that in their lives.

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