Least dramatic 'Bachelor' season ever?

There was crying on the floor drama, drunk drama and naked drama: Monday night's Bachelor episode was FULL of amazing meltdowns. But! None of the drama was caused by girls fighting, which is usually the source of the most drama on this show. (Can we even call it drama if it's not caused by another contestant?) Instead, the girls were there for each other. Renee in particular who crawled under a bathroom stall to talk to poor drunk Victoria. In the end she couldn't console her, but Renee's compassion lived again when she helped convince mom Cassandra that it's worth it to be away from her son a little longer to see if this thing with Juan Pablo works out. Seeing her tell another girl to stay, even though that hurts her own chances is really sweet.

It wasn't just Renee who was sympathetic. Lucy readily switched costumes with Elise at the dog adoption photo shoot when Elise was uncomfortable posing nude. Sure, Lucy loves being naked, but I think she was moved by more than just a desire to take her top off, I think she felt real sympathy for first-grade teacher Elise who didn't want to bare it all on national television.

Between Renee and Lucy and the general vibe from all the girls who felt bad for drunk Victoria, I'm thinking this is going to be the least dramatic season in Bachelor history (say that in Chris Harrison's voice).

I mean, we've all seen the promos for the season and they highlighted Victoria's drunken bathroom meltdown pretty hard. I thought for sure that was going to be, like, week 8 drama, but instead it's done and over with. So what the hell are we going to keep watching for? As someone who has seen a lot of seasons of the Bachelor, here's what I think we have to look forward to for sure:

Crying, lots of crying

It might not be the other girls in the house that are causing the tears, but this group gets particularly waterlogged talking about everything from parents to puppies so it's safe to say the Bachelor is going to stay soggy.

(I found this image by searching "crying on the bachelor" and the whole collection is priceless, I recommend checking it out.)

Lucy being naked

She's made it clear that her spirit reaches maximum levels of free when uninhibited by clothes or makeup or hair that's been brushed.

Stolen kisses

There is some drama left for the Bachelor, namely girls having the audacity to kiss Juan Pablo. The promo for the upcoming episode, one girl says another girl is a "whore" for daring to plant one on his lips. If that's what these girls think a whore is I'm glad they didn't have to be on Courtney's season.


Apparently Molly the dog was more than just a night-one schtick to get Juan Pablo's attention because the pooch is still there. (But no one in the house seems to mind because this is the season of no drama and there's a puppy bringing them the date card.)


The Bachelor is now like a sexy grown-up Dora the Explorer where viewers get a chance to learn the Spanish phrases for things like "my journey to find love" and "I know we have a connection."

All of these things sound a lot more fun than girl vs. girl drama anyway, (mostly because puppies) so yay! Maybe Juan Pablo really was telling the truth when he said this season was going to be different than ever before.

Images: sydneyandrews/Tumblr; ABC; ontheredcarpet/Tumblr