There's A Book Coming About 'Serial's Adnan Syed

If you've spent the past year obsessing over Asia McClain's potential alibi, the Nisha call, or whether there was even a pay phone in the parking lot Jay testified to, you better be sitting down. There's a new book focusing on Serial's Adnan Syed, and it's going to be written by his family friend Rabia Chaudry, the lawyer who brought the case to NPR's podcast host Sarah Koenig in the first place.

Chaudry started her own Serial continuation podcast Undisclosed after the original series ended last year. It seems her new book Adnan's Story: Murder, Justice, and the Case That Captivated a Nation (to put it mildly) will follow the same path. Coming September 2016, Adnan's Story will, according to Slate, "reexamine the investigation that led to Adnan Syed’s arrest, share his life in prison, cover new evidence and possibilities that have since come to light, and review the recent court successes." It will contain letters Syed wrote to Chaudry from prison. Needless to say this is a must-read for all hooked Serial fans — aka everyone with access to podcasts and ears.

A statement from Entertainment Weekly has this quote from Syed himself about the book:

The first letter I received after being arrested in 1999 was from Rabia. Since that time until now, she has believed in my innocence and been committed to my exoneration. There have been appeal hearings in which she is the only other person other than my mother who showed up. Rabia, Saad, and their family are one of the only families that never forgot me. Over the years they never stopped visiting me, taking my calls, sending me letters and books, and praying for me. As someone connected to me, my family, my community, my lawyers, and my investigation, there is no one better to help tell my story, and no one that I trust more to tell it, than Rabia.

Syed's case has seen new attention recently (as if we ever stopped), as alibi witness McClain will finally testify on Syed's behalf. In addition, Syed's attorney filed a motion to have the damaging but questionable cell phone records, which placed him near where his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee's body was buried, overturned.

Hopefully this new book, as well as the increased high-profile nature of the case, will find justice for Hae Min Lee's family and get to the bottom of the strange, head-shaking case that put Syed in prison.

Image: Fotolia