Meet The Bag That Yells When You Spend Too Much

Shopping alone can be a daunting task, especially during the holidays. Between spending too much and buying things you don't need, it can be overwhelming. Now there's a bag that can help you with that! Three students from Dundee University created a messenger shopping bag that yells at you when you take your credit card out. Consider this creation the shopping buddy who will get really honest with you when you need it most.

The project, aptly named "Excuse me? Excuse you!" consists of a messenger bag that will make you think twice about pulling out your credit card. According to Glamour, the creation shouts phrases like "do you really need this?" and "you're already in over-draft!" when its sensors notice that your credit card is out of your bag. If it was up to me, this bag would be a staple for Black Friday shoppers everywhere. Do you really need another TV or blender? Probably not — and this bag knows it.

Although this bag isn't for retail, it does make a strong point about the shopping habits in our country. With the holidays coming up, people buy more and more things, often shopping on or near the holidays instead of spending quality time with family and friends. Last year there were a total of 25.6 million people who shopped on Thanksgiving, with another 95.5 million shopping on Black Friday, according to

“The project aims to make people consider what they already own and whether they need to buy more," Leanne Fischler, one of the bag's designers, tells The Courier. "Consumerism is all about presenting yourself favorably and the bag does the opposite by embarrassing you in public. This is a one-off bag designed to create meaningful conversation – it’s not for selling.”

Many stores are closed for Thanksgiving this year, which helps illustrate Fischler's point that sometimes shopping less is worth more.

“I think our message has come across well and people have been able to see that design can be used in the context of social improvement," Fischler tells the The Courier.

The quirky creation is made of leather, completely designed and customized by the three students, and is pretty genius, if I do say so myself. It definitely doesn't hold back on it's warning to spend a little less. Just take a look at the bag in action:

So next time you're in line, think twice about what you're buying!

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