The Most Valuable Beanie Babies Could Be Hiding in Your Closet

Remember when everyone was convinced that Beanie Babies, first introduced in 1993, would be worth tons of money one day? Well, Ty Warner, the infamous founder of Beanie Babies, was sentenced to two years probation Tuesday for evading taxes on $25 million of income. It seems Warner, at least, made a lot of money from those little toys you were flat-out obsessed with in the '90s.

So why can't you profit, too? Believe it or not, there are apparently still some people willing to fork over a ton of cash for the toys. Take a look at the most valuable Beanie Babies on the market today.

Image: Ebay

by Adrienne Vogt


This particular Beanie was one of the most in-demand and coveted toys of the late 1990s, and there’s no doubt she’s fetching A TON of money on eBay. A few Princess Beanie Babies are currently going for $300,000. Jeez.

The Princess Beanie Baby was first produced in 1997, with proceeds going to the Princess Diana of Wales Memorial Foundation. In 1998, Greenpeace protested against the production of Beanie Babies with PVC pellets, forcing the company to switch to more environmentally friendly PE pellets, so the Princesses with PVC are thought to be more valuable.

Image via eBay

Royal Blue Peanut

This little elephant, Royal Blue Peanut, is touted as the “holy grail” of Beanie Babies on eBay. It’s currently selling for a cool $2,500, but others are priced at $1,500 and $945 by different sellers. Beanie Babies Price Guide lists this creature as the top rarest and most sought-after Beanie. If you are in the market, beware: Beanie Babies Buddies and Teenie Beanie Babies are not the same as regular Beanie Babies, because apparently everyone just got those in their Happy Meals at McDonald’s (so they’re probably sticky, as well).

Image via eBay


The most expensive Beanie Babies on eBay may not be the most valuable, as it turns out. This little fella, Brownie the Bear, is one of the first-ever Beanie Babies produced. (The other one is Deep Fuchsia Patti, the platypus.) You can pick up Brownie — with a more valuable Korean tag — for $1,200 on eBay.

Photo via eBay


The lobster Pinchers is another one of the original nine Beanie Babies. One person thinks they can sell him for $2,500 on eBay (but no one has bid on it yet and there are only six hours left), but there are more reasonable prices out there for later versions of the cuddly crustacean. Fun fact: Some of the first tags misspelled his name as “Punchers.”

Photo via eBay


Got this monkey hanging around? Nana is reportedly worth up to $4,000. A seller on eBay isn’t monkey-ing around, placing their first-generation Nana up for sale at a cool $750.

Photo via eBay


Like the elusive creature its modeled after, a first-generation Mystic the unicorn with a fine mane is said to be “very hard to find.” Well, that doesn’t seem to be entirely true, as a quick search locates Mystic for only $59. However, another version with a rare iridescent horn is selling for $1,000.

Photo via eBay