Roommates Confess Long-Held Secrets To Each Other

Living with roommates — especially ones with whom you have more of a relationship than just "person I share oxygen and living space with" — can be tough. To keep the sanity of the household intact, sometimes you can't always fess up to exactly *how* tough it is to live with a roommate, like in those moments when you borrow a sweatshirt and lose it, or leave some stain of bodily fluids on the shared couch, or accidentally happen to find yourself with their leftover Chipotle in your mouth at 3 a.m. You know, the usual stuff.

If you take console in nothing else, remember that all of this is normal — and this video is here to prove it to you. Sometimes we're not the best roommates/friends/living partners that we can be, and what really matters is that we either cover it up well, or apologize profusely and offer to replace whatever we ate/broke/accidentally(?) had sex on.

Here to show us the art of confessing what a terrible person you are to live with are a number of brave, possibly idiotic, but ultimately saint-like souls from BuzzFeed, sitting with their actual roommates and confessing everything they probably didn't want them to know. Their admissions cover everything from coloring in a scraped car with a Sharpie marker (no, but actually) as well as explaining what that huge stain on the couch is (hint: you don't want to put your face near it anymore.) Check out the rest here, and commiserate both with being a sh*tty (but lovable!) roommate, and having to deal with one...

Remember that time you went to Phoenix...?

Your friends had a lot to say about your choices in home decor:

Remember that jacket you've been searching everywhere for?

The culprit was looking for it too!

Check out the rest here:

Images: YouTube