Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Baby Is Breech

When it comes to pregnancy, Kimmy K just can't catch a break. Kim Kardashian's baby is breech, the reality starlet announced on her website Tuesday. In a post titled "Heads Up!" the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star revealed she's somewhat nervous for the delivery of her son with Kanye West, because he's turned the opposite way of how he should be at this point. She's worried she'll have to have a C-section, but she's made it clear she's trying anything she can to turn him around.

"I'm writing this blog while up at 4 A.M., a little anxious for my delivery as I'm entering into my 36th week of pregnancy," she writes. "I've surrendered to the placenta issues and actually haven't been thinking too deeply about them lately. However, my latest concern is that my baby is breech, meaning he's in the wrong position for childbirth. His head is still up and it's supposed to be down. He was supposed to turn by 32 weeks. So now, I will have to get a C-section. Or so I thought!"

She goes into further details about all of the crazy methods she's trying to turn him. The 35-year-old mother and selfie expert is seeing Dr. Elliot Berlin, who is a "pregnancy chiropractor," and list of things Kardashian is doing in order to turn her son, well, they're a bit intense. Hey, if it works, I guess I'd try it out, too.

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kardashian writes,

I have been doing everything I can to try to turn the baby. I lay practically upside down three times a day for 15 minutes. I play music in the right position and ice my belly in certain spots to get him to squirm out of the breech position. I even started acupuncture where I burn moxa (mugwort) on my pinky toe every day! I am even attempting hypnosis!

I told you she was trying everything! But as long as her methods are not harming the baby and might help with a safe and healthy delivery, I can't blame Kardashian for trying. Plus, she doesn't want a C-section, so she'll do whatever it takes. She explains in her post, "Obviously, if it's an emergency and for the safety of my son, I will get a C-section — but if I don't need one, I'd rather not."

She's even asking for fans for well wishes and says, "This whole delivery gives me anxiety, not gonna lie. I hope the baby turns and all goes well but I'm prepared for anything!"

Here's hoping she gets him turned in time, and if not, let's hope she has a successful and healthy delivery.