Who's Responsible For Kaia Gerber's Brows?

Given that 2015 was the year of "brows on fleek," I think it's safe to say that the bolder, the better when it comes to eyebrows — but maintaing them is definitely a challenge. According to People, Kaia Gerber's Teen Vogue interview revealed the one person she trusts to groom her eyebrows. Spoiler: It's not her makeup artist.

The 14-year-old model has some serious eyebrow game, on display in their full, bold glory in her most recent high fashion photo shoot for Teen Vogue's December/January issue. Gerber poses with wild, braided hair (I seriously want to steal that fishtail), and bold, patterned dresses, and it's clear that though she's only a teen, she's poised to leave a serious mark on the modeling world.

But in addition to her powerful hair, poses, and outfits, Gerber's makeup also deserves a serious shoutout, particularly that bright, electric blue eyeshadow that perfectly picks up the pops of blue in her dress. But the best part is hands-down her eyebrows, and luckily for Gerber, she has someone close to home to help her maintain them.

"My mom does mine because I know I would go tweezer-crazy and wind up with no eyebrows at all. I love the look of full brows that aren’t perfectly done — eyebrows on fleek, that’s the goal. My eyebrows are like Miley — they can’t be tamed, even with brow gel," Gerber said.

She is the fiercest 14-year-old I've ever seen.

But TBH she doesn't even need makeup, she's such a natural beauty. And those brows, though!

If you have bold and bushy brows, here are a few tips and gels to help keep them in check.

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DIY Tweezing

If you trust yourself with the tweezers, this tutorial will walk you through how to shape your brows yourself at home.

DIY Filling

Once they're tweezed and groomed, you're going to want to fill in your brows and make them bolder with a pencil.

Brow Pencil

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Images: Nordstrom; Macy's