21 Memes Only Harry Potter Fans Will Understand

If you are a true Harry Potter fan, and I'm talking about a die-hard, read all the books, seen all the movies, still waiting for your Hogwarts letter kind of Harry Potter fan, then the Internet is a wonderful place for you. Not only do you have the experience of J. K. Rowling's revealing tweets and the wonderful world of Pottermore, Sorting Hat included, but you also have book-related forums, fan Tumblr pages, and, of course, hilarious memes that all Harry Potter fans understand. The book series may be over and the movies may have wrapped, but the Harry Potter fun is never truly over.

From Mean Girls references to play on words, there are hilarious Harry Potter memes appearing on the Internet every day. Some are for book nerds only, others are for the movie lovers, and a surprising amount of them revolve around Snape — I mean, with that hair and his serious gaze, how could the internet not have fun with Severus — but all of them will have true Potterheads in stitches.

Put down whatever you're drinking, find a spot where you're laughter won't disturb anyone, and get ready to geek out, because here are 21 memes all Harry Potter fans will understand. You are welcome for the laughter.

1. Come On, Dumbledore, You Should Know Better by Now...

2. For the Aladdin Lovers Out There...

3. Let the Name Jokes Begin

4. Harry Potter Crossover, Anyone?

5. Be Still, Our Beating Hearts

6. Ain't Nobody Got Time for Snitches

7. Snape and Lily, the Original Friendzone

8. All Harry Potter Fans Know: Do NOT Mess with Mama Weasley

9. Your True Love Could Be Right in From of You

10. Harry Potter + Mean Girls = Perfection

11. Gryffindor Wins... and No One Is Surprised Ever

12. On Wednesdays, We Wear Our Dark Marks

13. Why You Should Always Give the Nerdy Guy a Chance

14. Priorities, Am I Right?

15. Still Better Than 99 Percent of the Commercials Out There

16. Me, Every Day...

17. The Queen Herself

18. Because the Movie Didn't Get Everything Right

19. After All, He Is the Boy Who Lived

20. Red Hair, Don't Care

21. We've All Been There

Image: d-sea/Tumblr