15 Unforgettable GIFs Of Politicians In 2015

Between the general absurdity of the Trump campaign, the Benghazi hearings, and the magic of the Internet, there are thousands of hilarious GIFs of your favorite (or least-favorite) politicians from 2015. Politicians are always a source of entertainment (and, on occasion, laws). And the nation's fearless leaders were in peak form this year, as election season shifted into high gear.

GIFs might seem trivial and superfluous, but they can be important political and social commentary. A GIF is the ultimate blend of culture and technology — quick, animated, and produced by talented individuals who share their skills with the world. GIFs are truly an art form, that can be as simple or nuanced as any painting, and they're serving well as the political cartoon of the digital age.

Poking fun at politicians is a treasured part of American culture, because it perfectly represents Americans' freedom of speech. It's the reason the White House Correspondents' Dinner is held every year, and a huge contributing factor to the survival of Saturday Night Live. It keeps our politicians accountable and candid, and they have certainly displayed that candor over the course of this year. In honor of the First Amendment, check out the 15 best GIFs of politicians from 2015.

President Obama Embraced His Swagger

Donald Trump Turned Into A Fish

Martin O'Malley Covered Taylor Swift On The View

Bernie Sanders Danced On Ellen

President Obama And Vice President Biden's Bromance Lived On

Hillary's Epic Eye Roll At The Benghazi Hearings

Trump And Carson's Horribly Awkward Handshake

Marco Rubio Hit A Kid With A Football

Trump Wanted You To Deal With It

Jeb Bush Admitted To Smoking Weed

There Were Three Too Many Trumps On SNL

President Obama Became Hamilton Trash

People Started To Feel The Bern

The VPOTUS' Million Bicep Curls

Everyone Got Sick Of Hillary's Damn Emails

It was a wild year, and 2016 promises to be even better as election season kicks into high gear. Happy New Year!

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