21 Purr-fect Gifts For The Cat Lover In Your Life

As a dedicated cat lover myself, I can tell you personally that finding holiday gifts for cat lovers is one of my favorite things ever. There are few things I like more than an item with unnecessary cat ears or whiskers on it. I mean, why drink out of a regular coffee mug when I could drink out of one that makes it look like I have half a cat face, you know? As such, I know that if you have a cat lover in your life, they will fall in love with any of the below gift options immediately.

Any of these would make a sweet and thoughtful present for the person you know who is obsessed with cats (and we all know at least one). Whether you want to get home necessities for your friend, a piece of clothing, or a cute accessory for them to wear, there are tons of options here that would work. Just a warning, though: if you really love cats, you're going to have a hard time getting through this without pulling out your credit card and ordering something for yourself. Resist temptation, and add them to your holiday wish list instead. Check out these 21 purr-fect gifts for the cat lover in your life (because, come on — how can I pass up the opportunity for a nice cat pun?).

1. A Cat Phone Case

Valfre 3D Black Cat iPhone Case, $38, AmazonSimiliar: Black Cat Phone Case, $5, Amazon

There are tons of cat phone cases out there, but few are these cool. This 3D case is definitely large, but it will obviously stand out — and the cat lover in your life will be obsessed.

2. Headphones

Cat Headphones , $40, Urban Outfitters

Headphones are a gift you can't really go wrong with, because they're even nice to get when you already have them. We could all use at least one backup set. These are even better than every other pair because OMG cat ears. Yassss.

3. A Mug

Cat Study Mug , $10, Anthropologie

There are lots of cat mugs out there, but this one is my favorite because it's different than the others. Lots of sleeping cats plus coffee or tea equals a big win.

4. Cat Slippers

Haflinger Cat Slippers , $85, Nordstrom

I personally use slippers as a go-to gift for whenever I don't know what else to get someone, but still want to get them something nice. That's because cozy slippers are the best, and we could all use more than one pair. These have a fun cat design on them that any cat lady would adore.

5. A Onesie

Cat Plush PJ Jumpsuit, $30, Forever 21

Let's be real: you need this onesie. I need this onesie. I just sent the link to this pink one to my mom saying, "MOOOMMM I NEED THIS." This is the best gift ever. I think that's a fact.

6. Wine Glasses

Meow Stemless Wine Glass Set , $16, Urban Outfitters

I mean, come on — cats and wine? How does it get better than that? This cute set is perfect for the friend you're always having wine nights with. Make it even better by adding a bottle of wine to your present.

7. Measuring Cups

Meow For Measuring Cups , $37, Amazon

This seems like the weirdest gift ever, but it's actually perfect for the person in your life who loves cats and loves cooking. It's also great for the cat lover who recently moved into their own place. These will make anyone want to bake.

8. Cat Coasters

ILUXO Kitty Cat Coasters , $40, Fab

Getting a gift for your favorite cat lady who lives on her own? Get her these cat coasters. Coasters are always useful, and these are so fun and unique.

9. A Cute Print

Nest Print, $15, Stay Home Club

Everyone with more than one cat knows that sometimes it feels like they really are just all over you. This print is accurate — and totally adorable. It makes for the cutest gift.

10. A Cat Tote Bag

Kitten Rain Because Cats Tote Bag , $24, Amazon

Everyone could use another tote bag in their lives, especially when it's covered in little cat faces. And really, there's no other explanation needed other than "because... cats."

11. Pro-Cats Tee

Pro-Choice, Pro-Cats Tee , $18, Amazon

This is the perfect gift for the feminist cat lover in your life. It says everything your friend wants it to say without her even having to open her mouth.

12. A Neck Pillow

Cat Hood Neck Pillow, $36, Similiar: Soft Cartoon Cat Neck Pillow, $10, Amazon

A neck pillow is one of those things you don't realize you need until it's too late. Save someone that issue with this adorable option. Not only will it keep them comfortable, it will also keep them looking like a literal cat. Which is amazing.

13. A Cat Lover's Picture

Less Catcalls Art Print, $15, Society 6

You know you have more than one feminist cat-loving friend out there (and if you don't, you need more!). This makes a strong statement, and lets everyone know you really just love cats a lot.

14. A Cat Bag

Skinnydip Cat Cross Body Bag, $57, Similiar: RubySports Cat Ear Evening Bag, $26, Amazon

This little cross body is as cute as it is necessary — we should be having a little fun with our accessories instead of keeping things so serious all the time. Buy this for the serious cat lady in your life.

15. Kitchen Supplies

Kitty Egg Mold, $13, Amazon

OK, I'm sorry in advance for this, but seriously, you have cat to be kitten me right meow. This is a cat mold for your eggs. To make your breakfast look adorable. We might all be adults here, but who says we can't play with our food?

16. A Cat Water Bottle

Thirsty Kittens To Go Cup, $30, Amazon

Not only does this make a ridiculously adorable gift, but it also helps save the environment because it means the person you give it to will (hopefully) use fewer plastic water bottles. Who knew you'd be saving the earth while giving holiday gifts?

17. A Tea Set

Why just get your friend a cat mug when you could get her a whole tea set? This teapot on its own is too cute for words, but check out those matching glasses! This is such a sweet gift.

White Cat Tea Set, $45, Similiar: Ilyever Kitty Ceramic Mug Set, $11, Amazon

18. Cat Pajamas

My favorite thing about these fleece pajamas is that they're warm without being too warm. You know those fleece pajamas that are SO warm they actually become suffocating in the middle of the night? Because this is a long-sleeved shirt and short set, you should be OK. And, I mean, look at them. They're the cutest.

Cozy Zoe Kitty Fleece Pajamas, $68, Similiar: MJC Kitty Pajamas, $30, Amazon

19. A Wine Stopper

Kitty Wine Stopper, $10, Amazon

What could be a better gift than a bottle of your friend's favorite wine, and a wine stopper shaped like a little cat? This is actually really accurate, because a cat WOULD do this to a bottle of wine (if it could fit in there).

20. A Sleep Mask

I'm not even going to lie — I was sent this cat mask, and when I opened it, I squealed with happiness. How adorable is it? Give it to your most glamorous friend.

Sephora Collection Cat Nap Sleep Mask, $12, Similiar: Bedtime Bliss Cat Sleep Mask, $11, Amazon

21. A Cat Ring

No cat lover's life would be complete without a piece of cat jewelry. This ring is simple but classic, and it's also really pretty for something that involves cat ears.

Lovecats Ring , $32, Similar: Cat Ears Ring, $11, Amazon

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