Sorry, Disciples! Lorde Refuses to Give Her Fans a Punny Nickname, Unlike These 5 Pop Stars

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Lorde's proven in almost every way that she's an unconventional pop star, and her fandom is no exception. Recently Lorde said she refuses to label her fans, stating "I find it grating to lump everyone into a really awkward, pun-centric name." Although many fans have bounced around "The Disciples" on social media as a name for themselves, Lorde has consistently tried to discourage the labeling over Twitter.

We hear you loud and clear, Lorde. Not only are fan club names usually obnoxiously "punny," they also give off this weird cult vibe. They force people to see fans of an artist as a mass of screaming hordes, rather than a collection of individuals — no wonder they're often used to make jokes about or patronize the young girls who usually make up the majority of these fans. So here's some of the worst offenders, from the most nonsensical to the tolerable.

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