What, Exactly, Are Stiletto Nails?

Nail art remains a huge beauty and fashion trend that doesn't show any signs of fading away. Having a strong nail game can make or break a look and can also act as an accessory to your outfit. With so many nail shapes and styles available, I am focusing on stiletto nails! What are stiletto nails? Well, they are exactly what they sound like. They are long, pointed talons that mimic the shape of a thin, towering high heel!

You know who has perfected the undeniably sexy and fierce stiletto nail trend? Kylie Jenner, because of course she has. The reality star does do square and almond-shaped daggers rather often. Her only constant is the fact that her mani is usually quite long.

But she has rocked the stiletto nail plenty of times, so much so that I can give you the whole kit and caboodle about stiletto nails using Jenner's Instagram pictures as a guide and source of inspo because duh!

Here's pretty much everything you need to know about stiletto nails, in terms of their look and their shape. If you are so inclined, you can also dive right in to this stiletto nail tutorial if you are serious about trying this trend.

1. They Are Long & Sharp, So Proceed With Caution

Stiletto nails are long and sharp. Like knives. They can be dangerous to your eyes or your skin, so you have to be extra, extra careful when rocking this look. I wear contact lenses, so I could see myself wearing my nerdy black glasses if I did stiletto nails since I wouldn't want to poke my eye out trying to insert a lens. But then again, I would also rock heels on my feet, too, and go for the total sexy librarian look!

2. They Make A Point

Notice how tapered the nails are at the top? They have been filed and shaped to a perfect point. The most distinguishing feature of an actual stiletto is the height and almost delicate nature of the heel itself. The same can be said for the stiletto nail and the point.

A true stiletto nail is sometimes confused with the almond nail and it can be hard to decipher the difference. But the stiletto version is all about the point; stiletto nails are not flat at the top nor are they rounded at the top and sides, which would make them more almond-shaped. There is some crossover, but the most general rule is that tapered point.

You have to be careful to protect the stiletto nail, as the extreme tip can be prone to breakage.

3. They Are Dramatic

High drama is a key feature of stiletto nails as well. Forget that soft matte lavender color that Jenner is rocking. Sure, it's nice and all. But look at the precision filing! See how the nail expertly shifts to a point along the length? That's some mani mastery right there. If your manicurist can rock this type of tip, make sure she gets a decent gratuity. Tips for tips, yo!

4. They Are Sexy

Stiletto nails make you have to think twice when performing routine, normal, and daily tasks. You have to approach simple actions, like applying lip gloss or makeup, gingerly so you don't scratch or puncture skin! Rocking a stiletto nail adds a slinky, cat-like vibe to your movements. So not only are the nails themselves sexy in shape, but they also force the wearer to make measured movements that are also confident. You have to be totally convinced of your fabulousness —and you should be, regardless— to pull these nails off. They allow you to embrace your sexy!

Hopefully this guide will give you the inspo and the ammo to request a stiletto mani for your next event, like a dance, a prom, or wedding. Or wear them with a pair of stilettos and you'll end up with twice the fierceness.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (4)