Ivanka Trump's Beauty Routine Is Super Minimal

When you hear the name Ivanka Trump, chances are high your mind conjures up images of big diamonds, high heels, and sparkling dresses. While you're not entirely wrong, Ivanka Trump's beauty routine is surprisingly minimal, and she recently spilled the details to InStyle. Given how hectic the holiday season can be, her simple beauty tricks are well worth incorporating into your own routine.

Considering what Trump's been up to the past year, it's pretty understandable her beauty routine had to be dialed down into something streamlined and low-key. As revealed in NewBeauty, Trump is now pregnant with her third baby, the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, and the CEO of her fashion brand (which she recently modeled like a pro). Dang girl, talk about hustle.

And what's even better than Trump rocking out as a successful business gal is that she's inspiring others to do so, too. She launched an initiative called #WomenWhoWork, which celebrates women who are "doing work [they] love, work that inspires [them], and also pursuing [their] passions and making them priorities." All the good vibes.

Ivanka Trump is a woman whose beauty routine complements, not complicates, her busy life and I for one will definitely be trying some of her tips below.

1. Pick Practical Clothing

"I think the way we are dressing today is, were not coming home to change between the various roles were playing," Trump told InStyle. "So I’ll get dressed, then be on the floor with my kids in the morning or dropping them off at school and carrying their book bags, and that’s the same outfit I’m wearing to board meetings. Clothing has to work really hard for us because a lot of time we don’t have time to change.”

Maybe I'll be swapping my my heels for a pair of chic but practical ankle boots on occasion...

2. Consider Accessories

Instead of viewing them as a hassle, Trump considers accessories the key to turning a simple outfit into something special. She told Harpers Bazaar, "Accessories are crucial. A great bag and a piece of statement jewelry are the fastest way to elevate an otherwise understated look."

3. Skip Nail Polish

I was pretty shocked to see this, but Trump has a point! She explained to InStyle, "I wont wear nail polish because I don’t have time to change it and I chip my nail polish so quickly. I cannot last three days!" Maybe she should consider a gel manicure?

4. Fight Fly-Aways With A Blush Brush

Say what? Trump revealed to NewBeauty that her secret to tackle frizz is to "spritz hairspray onto a blush brush and use it to smooth flyaway hairs." Freaking brilliant.

5. Use Multi-Tasking Makeup

Trump is a busy gal and expects her makeup to work overtime, too. Instead of having to use tons of different products, Trump told NewBeauty, "I love a powder with SPF in it so I can apply sun coverage on the go." Fight shine and UV rays at the same time? Yes please.

Images: Ivanka Trump/Instagram