7 Fake Christmas Trees That Are Crazy Impressive

There is nothing better than a fresh and fragrant Christmas tree taking up a corner in your home for the duration of the holidays, but sometimes getting a real tree just isn't always possible. Whether you live in a super small space or don't want to pay for a real tree, these fake Christmas tree ideas, compiled by crafty Hometalk bloggers, are the perfect backup plan, not to mention they are just as impressive as having the real thing. Forget the plastic trees you can pick up from the store. These holiday decorations are made with everything from plastic spoons to suitcases to license plates, and all of them are show-stoppers. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas — prepare to be inspired.

Most of us think there's no way anything could be as beautiful and impressive as a fully decked out and glittering Christmas tree, filled with ornaments and tucked all around with shiny wrapped gifts. Well, don't be disappointed, but these fake Christmas trees just might convince you that the real thing isn't always more beautiful than the duplicate. These clever faux leafy creations are made from thrifted and found items by brilliant Hometalk bloggers, and they will seriously WOW you.

1. Plastic Spoon Pretties

Turn plasticware into unique mantel or tabletop decor by stacking spoons into little golden trees. The best part about these cute Christmas decorations? They're as budget-friendly as it gets, and can be put together totally last minute.

Project via Jocie @One Project Closer

2. Tomato Cage Creations

Tomato cage trees are a popular Christmas decoration, but there's no easier way to create them than decking them out in deco mesh. The result is a voluminous and light addition to your display, perfect for setting inside your home, or perching on your porch.

Project via Shelley @Sow & Dipity

3. Lit Up License Plates

If you’re lucky enough to have a license plate collection of your own, this upcycle idea is amazing. Arrange them up into the biggest tree you can make on your wall, and then surround them with fairy lights — you can even add ornaments!

Project via Ananda @A Piece of Rainbow

4. Trunk Tree And Mermaid

Piled suitcases have been done, but adding paint and a mermaid? This look is outrageously one of a kind. Adding a secondary theme to your tree (like a magical mermaid) will make it unforgettable, so that you can leave your guests with a lasting impression.

Project via Sherry @A Mermaid’s Life for Me

5. Outlined and Amazing

The creator of these minimalist stunners saw similar trees at Crate & Barrel, then went home and made her own version, which turned out even better! This rustic design is an especially good way to show off your favorite ornaments and decorations.

Project via Sarah featured in Domestically Speaking

6. Dryer Vent Drama Queen

A coiled dryer vent wrapped in string lights makes an untraditional but extraordinary tree for anyone's living room! If you're looking for a new take on the classic tree set-up, it's tough to get any newer than this industrial chic show-off.

Project via Janette @The 2 Seasons

7. Lights and Ladders

Getting some height in your tree design is as simple as using a ladder — literally. When you're done climbing up and down yours to decorate your tree, use the extra lights and decorations to dress it up for a Christmas tree lookalike that will give your guests a reason to gasp and give you more space for gifts.

Project via Donna @Funky Junk Interiors

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Image: Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr