The Cops Just Raided Bieber's House

Oh, Justin. Justin, Justin, Justin. I don't even feel bad for laughing at this whole story, because honestly, the kids who worship the very ground Justin Bieber walks on as if he's the second coming of the messiah or whatever would do well to learn from an early age: This is what happens when you're a complete and total asshole in life. According to TMZ, Justin Bieber's home was just raided by cops today in connection with the fact that he basically egged a neighbor's home last week and caused $20,000 of damage to it. Why? Because this is what happens when you give a teenager too much money, and a cult-like following of teenage girls who will launch 1000 tweets on your behalf.

But seriously: Cops descended on Bieber's Calabasas home today and put him under lockdown in his garage as they searched the premises for "anything that is relevant to the egg incident, including other eggs in the house and possible video." Because, you know, eggs aren't something that people generally keep in their homes and stuff. But hey, there might be something to those video suspicions! Remember when he peed in a restaurant bucket then dissed a picture of President Bill Clinton? One of his "entourage" filmed that. It's totally possible that there'd be video of this egging incident — they do all seem dim-witted enough for that, right?

Learn this, everyone: Don't be a jerk, because this is what happens.

UPDATE: OK, so, apparently, cops didn't find eggs in the house, but they did find a shitload of drugs! So, y'know, that's something, right? According to TMZ, Bieber's longtime friend, rapper Lil Za, was arrested on the premises after cops found him in possession of some sort of drug substance. It's not clear at the moment exactly what drugs were found on him, but he was apparently arrested for a felony drug possession, so that means it probably wasn't just a little weed.

Bieber's security system was reportedly dismantled by cops and taken in for evidence as well.