9 Ways To Show Off Shoulder Tats During Winter

Winter’s tricky when it comes to finding the balance between staying warm and not being completely covered up. Here are nine ways to show off shoulder tattoos in colder weather because you don’t have to stay concealed when it’s cold out — especially if you’ve got some amazing ink to let the whole world see.

When it comes to showcasing shoulder tats, it’s relatively easy to strike the right note as far as dressing appropriately for the season, but still flashing a little skin. Off the shoulder sweaters are not only super sexy, IMO, they’re the perfect way to dress seasonally without totally bundling up. There are also a few less seasonally-fitting options (as far as weather is concerned), such as strapless dresses. While these may not be apropos for the weather, they’re just what you need for holiday parties, so it's worth risking being a little chilly. With looks like these, it's really all about layering. Put that coat on while you're outside, but inside — show off those shoulders!

So, whether you display your shoulder art outside in a long-sleeved option or inside at a party in a strapless number, there are plenty of ways to feel comfortable and look great without covering up. Check out the nine different ways you can display your shoulder tattoos, even in frigid temps.

1. Off The Shoulder

Off Shoulder Sweatshirt, $36, ASOS Curve

This cozy top that still allows you to flaunt some skin is the best of both worlds.

2. Open Back

V-Back Sweater Dress, $27.90, Forever 21

A dress or top with an open back will allow you to display any tattoos that are on the back of the shoulder.

3. Peek-A-Boo

Cold Shoulder Top, $39, Urban Outfitters

Your shoulders might be the only things that get chilly in a top like this, but, hey, it's totally worth it if everyone can see your tattoo.

4. Strapless

Strapless Midi Ball Gown, $44.70, Torrid

This is just the kind of thing you need for all of those holiday cocktail parties.

5. Lacy Back

Ambition's Assistant Top, $44.99, ModCloth

A long-sleeved top with a lace back is perfect for keeping cozy while letting those back-of-the-shoulder tattoos shine.

6. Open Knit Cardigan

Open Knit Cardigan, $27.90, Forever 21+

An open knit cardigan provides plenty of coverage, while still keeping tattoos visible.

7. Blanket Wrap

Blanket Shawl, $169, Lane Bryant

Blanket wraps are great because you can choose what you cover up. Want those shoulders to peek out above the wrap? No problem.

8. Strappy Dress

Boohoo Plus Scuba Prom Dress, $36, ASOS

A strappy number will let you flash some skin, but be sure to throw a coat on before stepping outside.

9. One Shoulder Dress

One Shoulder With Exposed Zip Dress, $81, ASOS

A one shoulder number will look great at the NYE party. And the best part of all — it highlights that shoulder ink.

Shop these options to put those shoulders on full-display this winter season.

Images: Courtesy Brands (9)