One Trick To Braiding Your Hair Quickly

There are those mornings where you just inevitably sleep through your alarm clock, but that doesn't mean you have to race out the door looking like you just rolled out of bed. If you follow the one trick to braiding your hair quickly, you can look chic and pulled together in no time. Bonus points for the fact that this hack means you don't even have to shower before you head out the door!

The one trick to braiding your hair quickly is giving it a boost with dry shampoo! Christian Wood, TONI&GUY US celebrity stylist, told StyleCaster, "Spraying [dry shampoo] all over the hair before braiding gives a matte non-slip texture to the hair, making braids easier to style and gives a gentle hold. For additional texture, use your fingers and rub the hair after braiding.”

Another reason to spritz dry shampoo into your hair before braiding? Wood added, "[it] will add volume, and give the look an edge without weighing the hair down." Sounds good to me!

For the best dry shampoo application, I suggest flipping your head over so it's easier to get all your roots, shake it in, and then rub through. You'll notice your hair has more texture so it will be easier to quickly divide into sections. Then, braid away! And if you have short hair like me, don't miss these gorgeous holiday hairstyles featuring braids.

Below is my current top pick for dry shampoo. I can't get over how good it smells, and the brand offers travel sizes that would make perfect stocking stuffers.

Rose And Black Pepper Organic Dry Shampoo

Rose And Black Pepper Organic Dry Shampoo, $32, SkinnySkinny

Real Simple deemed this the "best dry shampoo for oily hair," and I can't disagree. It zaps oil, smells amazing, and is perfect for giving braids grip.

Images: Raíssa Ruschel, Courtesy of Brand