It's National Dress Up Your Pet Day, So Here Are 20 Photos of Animals Wearing Clothes

Animals may not be particularly fond of wearing clothing, but people sure are fond of seeing animals wearing clothing. Well, good news, dressed-up animal lovers: If ever there was a time to indulge in some photos of cats wearing sweaters and dogs in party hats it's January 14 — National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

According to St. Louis news station KSDK, the day was started in 2009 as "a fun way to celebrate our pets and support the pet fashion community." The pet fashion community! Do your duty. And remember, it's not too late to force your pet into cute clothing today and then share it all over social media. In the meantime, make do with these 20 pics of pets uncomfortably and adorably modeling the latest pet fashions.

Cow Dog

Noey Neumark’s pup @OllieStarz chose to go with this cow costume for Halloween 2013.

Business Attire Cat

Why cats don’t have jobs.

Image: CameliaTwu/Flickr

Mardi Gras Pup

Happy Mardi Paw, from my friend’s dog Isabel.

Bunnies on Halloween

Representing our rabbit friends …

Image: Keithius/

Patriot Pup

This dog pretty much looks like everyone’s dad in the 70s.

Image: Ttrim/Flickr

Air Force Pup

Dog Force One at Yogogi Park in Tokyo.

Image: Matthew Kenwrick/Flickr

Morose Dog in Casual Attire

This is my ex-dog Miles (it’s complicated), wearing a t-shirt. This photo might suggest he’s sad about said t-shirt, but his face just kind of always looks like that.

Candy Corn Kitty

And this is my ex-cat, Suavecito, dressed up for Halloween. My mom bought this bandana for the dog, but clearly it was completely the wrong size. We made do.

Kitty in a Cape

Okay, I couldn’t resist one more from my personal stash. Come on! It’s a curious kitten in a cape. There aren’t a whole lot of better things …

Devil Dog

.. except for maybe pugs unhappily wearing devil costumes …

Image: MHansen/Flickr

Snake in a Hat

… which can clearly only be out-cute by a snake wearing a top-hat.

[This wonderfulness comes courtesy of my zookeeper cousin @jckcrave.]

The Smallest Sweater

Mice need clothes, too.

Image: Stark23x/Flickr

Santa Claws

Zoe dog as Santa, via Theresa Morales.

Bro Dogs

Giza and her pal prepare for the frat mixer. Photo courtesy of my pal Cat Lunger.

Party Animal

Finley, partying, via dog blog Finley Wore It Better.

Vampire Cat

My cousin’s cat, Caoimhe, as a vampire. Via @jckcrave.

Pom Pom Puppy

Three cheers for fat dachsunds dressed as cheerleaders.

Image: Open Violin/Flickr

Sharknado Meets Lassie

Meet Daisy, the defeated shark-dog. Styled by Rachel Rush.

Bee Dog

Shark dog vs. bee dog — who would win in a fight?

Too-Cool Cat

Not impressed.

Image: Ttrimm/Flickr