Ciara Has Some Exciting News

Looks like Ciara could be "1, 2 Step"-ping (sorry, couldn't resist) on over to a Lamaze class. Ciara is pregnant. Tuesday morning, she appeared on The View and confirmed that she and fiancé Future are expecting a baby. AW! How'd she break the news? Well, when Barbara Walters asked if she wanted to address the rumor that she was pregnant, the singer stood up and showed off her bump. She could not stop smiling. I could not stop smiling. The View hosts went wild. I went wild.

For the past few months, there's been serious speculation that Ciara is preggo. But what sparked this? Her wardrobe. Ciara showed up to an Atlanta toy drive in oversized clothing and people started BUZZING. Yes, the rumor ended up ringing true, but I've always thought "oversized clothing" to be a dicey reason to suspect someone is with child. Let a lady wear some comfy clothes without raising your eyebrow, ya dig? I constantly go grocery shopping in baggy sweatshirts. If "going out in public in baggy clothing" means "pregnant," then I'm the most pregnant. CALM DOWN, MOM. It was a joke. I'm not actually pregnant. I just wear sweats when I run errands.

But I digress. Baggy clothes be damned (I take that back, baggy clothes rule)! Ciara is pregnant, and it is very exciting news. Perhaps Ciara's baby will inspire her music? Oh! She could do a kids' album! A kids' album that's made up entirely of baby-themed Ciara song parodies!

Here's the possible track list for a Ciara for Kids album:

"Poopies" (feat. Petey Pablo)"1,2 Baby Steps" (feat. Missy Elliott)"Wahhh" (feat. Ludacris) "Hugs T-Rex Magic" (feat. Justin Timberlake) "Baby Party"

Yeah, I'd totally buy that CD for all of my friends with kids.