Jessica Alba's Natural Glam Look Is Easy To Create

When it comes to rocking the no-makeup makeup look, it only makes sense to use all-natural products as well. Jessica Alba used Honest Beauty products to create a stunningly subtly beauty look, and it's the perfect way to highlight your features without piling on the makeup. If you weren't an all-natural beauty product believer before, you definitely will be now.

Alba posted a picture of her Thanksgiving beauty look to Instagram, and the close-up shows just how fabulous natural makeup can be. She was even nice enough to list every single product that she used, which I'd say is a pretty great holiday gift. Each of the products was from her new Honest Beauty line, which boasts an all-natural ingredients list, without parabens or synthetic fragrances, so you can feel as good as you look.

If there's anything that I love more than all-natural beauty products, I haven't found it yet, and Honest Beauty's offerings are especially fabulous. They are long-lasting, highly pigmented, make from healthy ingredients, and not tested on animals. Anything from this line would make a truly guilt-free holiday gift. Alba even rocks her own makeup almost daily, proving that it's perfect for everyday looks as well as high-glam photo shoots.

Take a look at her latest:

To say this look is fresh is an understatement. All the pops of color come from her natural skin tone, which is what makes this look so fabulous. If you're looking to get her natural-glam look, here are the exact beauty products you'll need.

1. Concealer Duo

Disappearing Dune Concealer Duo, Honest Beauty, $20

If finding the perfect color is tricky for you, then maybe this duo compact is just what you need. There are five different shades so there's a concealer for every skin tone.

2. Creme Blush

Truly Exciting Creme Blush, Honest Beauty, $22

With raspberry, grape, and blackberry extracts, this product is basically your daily dose of fruit for the day.

3. Lip Crayon

Sheer Blossom Kiss Lip Crayon, Honest Beauty, $18

There are tons of colors available in these sheer lip crayons, but this shade is so natural it will make people wonder if you even have anything on at all.

4. Lip Gloss

Dreamy Kiss Lip Gloss, Honest Beauty, $18

She used the lip gloss overtop of the crayon to add a full, glossy look.

5. Mascara

Truly Lush Mascara + Lash Primer, Honest Beauty, $22

She doesn't name it in her round-up, but it's clear to see that those lashes had a little help.

Who knew glam could be so natural? If you act fast, you can even get a free lip crayon with the code FREEKISS.

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Images: Honest Beauty (5)