7 Kylie Jenner Adidas Moments That Prove She's A Fan Of The Classics — PHOTOS

This past week Kylie Jenner sported an Adidas tracksuit that, to quote my Grams,"Sent Instagram into a tizzy." The color scheme was navy, orange, and white striped, with a snakeskin design mixed with a pattern that could only be best described as a Jeremy Scott collaboration with Restoration Hardware. Some of you reading may not remember when Adidas outfits became a worldwide fashion phenomenon, but I'm here to give you a little bit of style history.

The tracksuit was the first clothing item Adidas had designed, and that one outfit changed the entire direction of the brand. When Adidas tracksuits took the fashion world by storm they were designed for athletes in the1968 Olympics. That's right, their purpose was originally not outfitting Missy Elliot videos. Tracksuits had arguably become popular with the introduction of Bruce Lee in the '70s and made a comeback in the '90s, according to Complex, when hip hop culture started to dictate cool clothing worldwide.

In 2012, Adidas and Stella McCartney partnered together to design uniforms for both the Olympic and Paralympic U.K. teams. This was the first time that a leading fashion designer had designed the apparel for a particular country's teams across the competitions.

Moschino's Creative Director Jeremy Scott partnered with Adidas around the same time and debuted the wing high-tops and "the forum" high-tops, which were popular with many rap and R&B artists including RiRi, 2NE1, and Nicki Minaj. It was with this collaboration that we started to see Adidas blossom as a fashion-forward brand. This is why we can understand the motivation in Jenner's fashion choices. Athleisure is back, and who to do it better than Adidas?

Here are a few of my favorite Jenner x Adidas moments :

1. Kylie Goes Classic

Jenner chose the Adidas x Pharrell collab to up her shoe game. They're simple, but unforgettable. They are currently unavailable for women.

2. Kylie Ups Her Game

Jenner is a little more adventurous in a head-to-toe Adidas look. The black and white is subtle yet cool.

3. Kylie Commits

She has finally decided that if she is going to wear Adidas, she is going to own it. With zippered shoes and a less classic tapered fit, she advertises her rebellious side.

4. Kylie Embraces The Classics

Owning a pair of white Adidas high tops is like owning Christian Louboutins.

5. Kylie's Day Out

Here we see Jenner at the scene of her Adidas-themed crime. No, I'm just kidding. I highly doubt she is that talented with a can of spray paint.

6. Kylie Supports A Good Cause

I own those bracelets! #TWINNING

7. Kylie at NYFW

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lastly, pictured above, is Jenner's runway look at Kanye's Adidas show this past New York Fashion Week. It's all a conspiracy folks!

Either way, Adidas are a large part of fashion's history, and she crushes these looks. Even I am guilty of browsing the Adidas site for a pair of classic white high tops. It seems that Adidas will always be in style.

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