New Photos Of Princess Charlotte Are Here

What do we love more than a royal couple? A royal baby, of course! And on Sunday, Kensington Palace released two new photos of Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton on Instagram, and the pictures of the six-month-old are absolutely stunning.

The modern day royal family of England may not be as drama filled as the the one featured on shows like The Royals, perhaps, but we all love keeping up with them almost as much as we love Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And thanks to the Kensington Palace Instagram account, we see it all: professional photos of scenic landscapes, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shaking hands with diplomats, even Prince Harry high-fiving soccer teams. It may not be poolside selfies and glamorous Gatsby-themed birthday parties, but the lives of Kate, William, and the rest have a pristine quality that attract people to them, and make admirers want to stay up to pace on every detail.

Thankfully, the royals understand our adoration, and have graced fans with sweet candid shots of the most adorable human being in their kingdom (well, tied with Prince George). The photos that were posted to the Kensington Palace Instagram account are the first official shots of Princess Charlotte since she was christened. The photos of the princess were taken by the Duchess of Cambridge herself in the Duke and Duchess' home in Norfolk in early November. Soak in the cuteness:

Look at those eyes! Princess Charlotte has clearly already mastered the natural gaze that some of us like to attempt in our own Instagram photos. No surprise there: with her royal blood, she was basically born with the picture-taking genes. Care to share some of your photogenic abilities with us, Charlotte?

And then there's this adorable one. If this photo does not make your heart warm, then I am unsure of what will. The stuffed animal. Her smile. Her matching stockings and cardigan. Her size in comparison to the large chair. This cuteness overload is insane!

The youngest royal baby is growing up right before our eyes. Before we know it, she and her older brother will be walking, talking, shaking hands, and giving speeches of her own one day. I'm sure that I speak for us all when I say that I can't wait to see the woman that Princess Charlotte grows up to become.