Taylor Swift Made Another Fan's Dream Come True

It's common knowledge that Taylor Swift has always been one to go above and beyond for her adoring fans, and her recent actions are no different This past weekend, Swift surprised a fan with hearing loss, granting the girl's wish of meeting her at her Sydney, Australia concert before she lost her hearing entirely and would no longer be able to hear her favorite singer perform.

As for how the 12-year-old met Swift, it's a long story. According to Buzzfeed, the girl, Jorja, has always been a massive fan of the singer, but is suffering from bilateral inner-ear loss. You can imagine her disappointment when she slowly began to lose her hearing, and discovered that she would one day not be able to hear Swift's music anymore. In order to help Jorja through this, her twin sister, Chloe, stepped in, and made a Facebook page titled "Help Jorja Meet Taylor Swift in Sydney 2015." This would be the last time that Jorja would hear the "Bad Blood" singer live, before her hearing starts to fully deteriorate. Chloe's page began to rack up likes, enough to help it get the attention of popular radio station Nova 96.9. The radio station teamed up with Chloe and their family in order to make Jorja's dream come true.

On Saturday night, during Swift's 1989 Tour stop, Nova 96.9 helped Jorja's goal become a reality. The girl received floor seats for the concert, and got to see her favorite musician perform live in the flesh. That wasn't the end of the gift, though; that night, Jorja got to meet Swift in person. Thanks to Chloe's Facebook page and Nova 96.9, Jorja's supporters were able to arrange this meeting and make the girl's dream come true. Australia's Today Show shared the photo this weekend with their audience:

How precious is this? It's so good to see Jorja's wish actually become a reality, and to see a community coming together to make it happen. Props to Swift, and artists like her, who are continuously so kind to and generous with their fans, and work to make their dreams come true whenever possible.