Twitter Loves Adele's Hot Bodyguard

Adele is the personification of the fire emoji lately. She's got a hit song with "Hello," a runaway smash hit record in her new album 25, and she's got one sexy man by her side. I don't mean her longtime partner Simon Konecki or her music video lover Tristan Wilds (no offense to them) — I'm talking about Adele's hot bodyguard Peter Van der Veen, who has been causing quite a Twitter meltdown. So who is this handsome gentleman who has Twitter's hearts a-flutter? According to Mashable, Van der Veen is a former bodyguard of Lady Gaga. Not a bad resume, huh?

Van der Veen, a native of Holland, was once crowned Mr. Europe in 2005, according to US Weekly, so it sounds like Europe has been well-aware of his stunning good looks and physical prowess for awhile now. According to Mashable, the bodyguard was brought onto Adele's detail to protect her from any mishaps that may occur due to her increase in public appearances for the release of 25. While her new bodyguard will help keep Adele's superfans at bay, the man himself seems to be gaining his own fan base on Twitter. Reactions have ranged from the ever-so-clever "Hello, Adele's Bodyguard. It's Me," to the fire emoji and, well, way more suggestive stuff.

See how Twitter is falling in love with Adele's Bodyguard below.

"Hello, It's Me"

There's no doubt that after all these tweets they'd like to meet to go over everything (ahem).

He Could "Set Fire (Emoji) To The Rain"

Or rather "heart eyes emoji." Either way, those are some pretty appropriate emojis for this situation.

He's Putting The Melt In Twitter Meltdown

Oh yeah.

Some People Really, Really Like Him

Some Want Him For Christmas

I'm sure that can be arranged.

He Even Makes Folks Question Their Sexuality

He is that hot.

Some Men Want To Fight Him

That would be a sight to see, wouldn't it?

It Could Be Time For A Remake Of The Bodyguard

This time, starring Van der Veen and Adele.

Fun Fact: The Bodyguard Also Sings

Hot, strong, and he sang on a Lady Gaga track? Apparently, he can do it all. Welcome, Adele's bodyguard. We're happy to meet you.