Kim Kardashian Is A Food Tourist On 'KUWTK'

You're Kim Kardashian, you're suffering some serious pregnancy cravings, and money is no object. What do you do? Fly to every city imaginable for snacks, that's what — and that is exactly what Kim is doing on this week's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.Kim travels to New Orleans and Paris purely for the food (and some super stylish maternity wear, obviously) and she's essentially living out everyone's dreams.

First stop: The big easy, where Kim and her pals, including longtime BFF Jonathan Cheban, chow down on yummy local specialties like crab fingers and beignets. As Kim rationalizes, she's been eating healthy and taking care of herself, so a quick food vacation is totally deserved. Homegirl is pregnant! But she takes it to the next level when she goes home with beignet mix and has her personal chef prepare them for her. Naturally.

OK, that's cool — she should have a few beignets if she wants to. She's working constantly, and she's pregnant. Give the lady what she wants! Besides, have you had beignets? They are delicious. But then, Kim ends up in Paris, eating churros (which have now suddenly replaced her treasured beignets as her favorite food) and cheesecake and basically everything in sight.

Kris isn't impressed, since she's worried about Kim's health and all the traveling that she's been doing. And as it turns out, her doctor isn't too impressed, either, because her bad habits could have landed her with some serious pregnancy complications. When Kim paid a visit to her doctor after she noticed some swelling when she got back from Paris, she got some scary news. Her blood pressure was elevated, and there was some extra fluid hanging around that indicated that she could be suffering from gestational diabetes or a carb intolerance, and neither of those things are good news.

Fortunately, Kim gets her results back pretty quickly, and she's diabetes free. It's a huge relief, especially since Kim has been outspoken this season on how rough her pregnancy is. Girl, I know beignets are delicious, but take care of yourself! We need North's little brother to arrive healthy and happy... and his mom needs to stay healthy, too.

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