Dior's Spring Makeup Line is Inspired by Petite Trianon — Why is Marie Antoinette Still Influencing Fashion?

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Almost 221 years after Marie Antoinette's death, the stylish Dauphine still inspires the fashion industry. The most recent homage? Dior's spring makeup line, all soft pinks and icy blues, is themed after Petit Trianon, the little château on Versailles grounds where Marie Antoinette retreated when she needed to escape the strict confines of court life.

Dior's makeup line, which centers around a bow-shaped "Trianon Palett" and will be available in stores mid-January, is only the latest in a long line of editorial nods to the extravagant queen. From Sophia Coppola's ultra-stylish film to multiple Vogue editorials, the fashion industry just can't shake her. Here, five hypotheses why.

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