Watch People Try Holiday Drinks From Around The World For Some Winter Inspo — VIDEO

Are you tired of sipping on sad eggnog or bored of slugging spiked cider? The holiday season is here again, but never fear — you can spice up Christmas fast by trying out popular holiday drinks from around the world. In their latest video, BuzzFeed has taste-tested boozy and fun traditional brews, and a few of these global goodies would make a great addition to any festive party menu this year! Learning about these international libations looks awful fun, especially when it involves wiiiiiiine. But are our American tastebuds up for this cosmopolitan challenge? I believe so (though perhaps not yet accustomed to the level of spice that goes into other countries' holiday cheer). As one participant exclaimed after tasting the French and German specialty Glühwein, “That is a f**k ton of cinnamon!”

But what would people from around the world think of our traditional drinks? Come December, we guzzle eggnog like it's water. And what essentially is eggnog? Why it's raw eggs shaken up with some cream and bourbon. That’s right — raw egg. Rocky Balboa style. And hey, we love it! So, if you are interested in making a new holiday tradition, check out these oh-so-tasty worldly drinks. As another participant said, summarizing her experience, “People celebrate the holidays in totally different ways, and they are all delicious.”


Finally a wine that freshens your breath while you draaank! The warming spice of cinnamon keeps you cozy during the chilly winter months, and the wine — well, it provides the rosy cheeks, and adds to the all-around mirth. Yum!


This Korean dessert punch is flavored with pine nuts, persimmon, ginger, and spices. It's sweet and aromatic, and just begging for a glug of rum or bourbon to make it a dangerously tasty holiday treat.

Sorrel Punch

This festive Jamaican wine-based drink garnered the most positive reviews. I mean, what's not to like when combining wine, rum, hibiscus, ginger and sugar? The result is a drink that is slightly bitter and slightly sweet, and as one of the taste-testers affirmed, "It's perfect!"

To find the perfect seasonal drink to warm you up, watch the entire video here:

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