Jon Gosselin Had a Vasectomy: Here's 6 Others Who Should Consider the Same

Jon Gosselin proclaimed on "The Wendy Williams Show" this morning that he will no longer be having children after the eight he spawned with estranged ex-wife Kate. As he so eloquently put it, Gosselin and his girlfriend are both "fixed." Well at least we can thank the fertility gods that he won't be spreading his Ed Hardy-ness with future multiples.

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Mike and Carol Brady

Sure, these two never actually made any children together but that didn’t stop them from adding six kids and an Alice to an already over-populated world. Besides, a seventh kid would be a total death sentence for poor attention-starved Jan.

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George Foreman

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Need we say more? Not only does George have twelve children (YES DOUBLE THE BRADY BUNCH), he named SIX of them after him. There are currently five Georges and a Georgette Forman who are sharing their name with not only their father and siblings, but with a lean mean eating machine as well. Enough is enough, George. But damn it if your burgers aren’t tasty.

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The Old Woman in the Shoe

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She had SO MANY CHILDREN she didn’t know what to do. Like how to count them. Or feed them. Or house them. Or properly discipline them. Or anything.

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Eric and Annie Camden

We thought they had their fill after Ruthie, but no– TWINS in the eleventh hour. (Obvi twins to make the total number of children seven, sigh.) Seriously though, didn’t the Camden’s have enough on their plate with Happy (RIP), Mary vandalizing the school, Simon huffing paint, Ruthie’s ‘tude, and Lucy dating Lance Bass?

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

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There are SIX Jolie-Pitt children roaming this earth (somewhere). While they have produced a beautiful blended family we think that six kids may be enough for two mega movie stars with fully loaded careers. But mostly because they inspired Disney’s sitcom, Jessie.

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The Duggars

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They have enough children to populate the state of Montana. It’s time, Jim Bob. It’s time to stop.

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