Grandparents Teach Grandkids About Their Old Tech

Is there really anything more useful than grandparents who teach grandkids about old technology? I don't know the answer to that question. But I can tell you that seeing it happen in a video brought me a huge amount of joy. Enough joy that I don't have a blood-thirsty desire to watch 14 cat videos from my "suggested" column right after. You know, the usual.

Technology is moving at a crazy speed of development. Seriously. In the early '90s we didn't have smartphones, hybrid cars, or an ability to hook up your smartphone to your hybrid car using an auxiliary chord. Instead, we just sat in silence while driving and ... and ... talked to each other, I guess? No. That can't be right. Well, whatever we did during the dark ages doesn't really matter anyway. Technological advancement does not regress backwards, so all we can really do is marvel at the outdated television sets currently collecting dust in our basements. We also have the ability to ask our grandparents how exactly an old fashion alarm clock works.

When watching this video, I couldn't help but be a little stunned by some of my cohorts. I mean, guys, boomboxes were 100 percent around when we were growing up. Maybe not the same model, but the operating principles were the same. Are you super confused people sure we were born on the same Earth? I'll give the people a pass for the rotary phone, though. Those things are tricky. In any case, here's how it went down when grandkids tried to use their grandparents' tech.

1. What We Think Of Our Grandparents And Modern Day Tech

We all like to think that our grandparents just "don't get it". And oftentimes they prove us right. Just try to have a normal Skype session with your grandmother (it will take 30 minutes just to get her into frame).

2. But In Reality...

We are just as bad! You give up a rotary phone and we will sit there like dummies! (Fun fact, I had a rotary phone growing up in Russia in the late '90s. Call me, beep me, if you need help figuring it out!)

3. We Only Know Stuff From Movies

Every time you see a Home Alone film, or something from your childhood, you suddenly remembered that you had a walkman.

4. Records?

Music, phones, and cars where all different. How do we even turn these things on!?

5. The Honest Truth

Smart phones have pretty much replaced all of the technology of the past. We need one light device for everything in our lives. I happen to think thats awesome, but if you are jones-ing for a rotary phone, I got your hookup!

Watch the full video below and spot just how many outdated gadgets you know how to use.

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