9 Funniest Reactions To Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits

Watch out Kim K — you aren't the only member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan to break the Internet. The Kylie Jenner Lip Kits are capturing the web by storm and leaving chaos in its wake. The beloved kits reportedly sold out in one minute, with Kylie fans either basking in the glory of their new pouts or voicing their complaints.

There is no doubt that Kylie Jenner's lips have hit pop culture sensation status. The reality starlet's smoldering smile has triggered one controversial lip challenge and graced multiple tabloids on surgery rumors and beyond. A simple Google search for "Kylie Jenner lips" will yield over 56 million results — a sweeping amount comparable to Jenner's 43.6 million following on Instagram. Meanwhile, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark's population combined is a paltry 19 million. How's that for a Republic of Kylie Jenner?

Yet, you may be questioning: why the hype? The lip kits are designed to bless the everyday individual with Jenner's iconic pout. At $29.99 a pop, the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit comes in three nude colors: Candy K, True Brown, and Dolce K. All the shades come in matte formulas to transform your pucker into pillowy goodness.

Evidently, team Kylie don't just love the lip kits — they live and breath it. The official Lip Kit By Kylie Jenner Instagram may be only a day old, but it's already verified and boasts over 400,000 followers. Age truly doesn't matter in this situation. On Jenner's personal Instagram, a photo of her sporting the lip color racks up over 800,000 likes — this is advertising at its finest.

Whether you're impatiently waiting for the next restock of the lip kits or sitting back and watching the hysteria unfold, here are the nine best Twitter reactions to the 18-year-old who (somewhat) broke the Internet through the power of lipstick.

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram