Who Is Vandal Savage On 'The Flash'? The DC Comics Villain Has Been Terrorizing For A Long Time

Arrow and The Flash have crossed-over before, but this week is something special as it also introduces us to the Big Bad of the next CW spinoff, DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Who is Vandal Savage on The Flash ? This character is in DC comics, and will cause quite a stir when he arrives on Tuesday's episode of The Flash. Trust me, this dude does not mess around.

Vandal Savage is a time traveler who we used to think could be the secret identity of Harrison Wells on The Flash back in the day. He will be played by Danish actor Casper Crump. The villain arrives on the CW scene with some kind of vendetta against Kendra Saunders, who does not yet remember that she is Hawkgirl. Considering that Kendra will be one of the Legends of Tomorrow leads, this makes sense, however in the comics Savage is primarily a Green Lantern and Flash villain who takes on Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, and Wally West. So it's fitting that this is where we first see him. He also took on both Superman and Batman, but those iconic DC heroes are only hinted at in the CW universe.

Here are seven other terrifying tidbits about Vandar Adg, also known as Vandal Savage in DC comics to help you prepare for his debut on The Flash.

He Inspired A Biblical Figure

You know how your uncle likes to joke around that he's so old he went to school with Moses, or something? Vandal Savage actually is that old and has similar claims to fame. Apparently in the comics, Vandal Savage is so old that he inspired the story of Cain — in DC Comics it was actually Vandal Savage who committed mankind's first murder. He later acts under this name.

He Was Blackbeard

Similarly, in some versions of the comics Edward Teach never existed. That infamous pirate was actually Vandal Savage. He also claims to be the true identity of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Vlad the Impaler, Jack the Ripper, and more.

He Advised Kings And Pharaohs

Basically, if Savage didn't take credit for being a historical figure, he took credit for being their right hand man.

He Destroyed Atlantis

With some friends.

He Has A Daughter

Scandal Savage, who is sometimes known as Mockingbird and leads the Secret Six.

He Invented Cannibalism

Okay... now I'm starting to think he's some kind of evil Gilderoy Lockhart, who takes credit for what others have done and wiped their memory.

He Leads The Illuminati

I mean, at this point, why are you surprised? Of course Vandal Savage is in charge of the Illuminati. He is clearly the living embodiment of conspiracy, which makes him even more perfect for a Flash/Arrow/Legends crossover. Everything is connected!

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