John Oliver Needs To Come Back ASAP

Sunday came and went without a new Last Week Tonight episode, and I don't know about you, but I'm already feeling some strong withdrawals. For many, John Oliver has become the go-to comedian for current events. And with his HBO show on hiatus, Oliver's take on the news of the week has been sorely missed. So when is Oliver back? Sorry folks, it's gonna be a long, cold winter.

Last Week Tonight returns in February, and will continue on with Season 3 of its critically-acclaimed run. Yes, it will be months before Oliver is propped up behind a desk pointing out hypocrisies in politics, influencing public policy, and reminding us that we really have no idea what South America's geography looks like.

But take solace in knowing that when he returns, you'll get 35 more episodes in 2016, and another 35 the year after. That's because earlier this year, HBO renewed the weekly show for two more seasons pretty much without hesitation. Oliver has become a part of viral culture, and the fact the reach of his influence even has its own name, the John Oliver Effect, is a testament to how valuable he is for the network.

At least you're not alone in feeling lost on Sundays. The Last Week Tonight team is right there with you.