This Medley Of Internet Proposals Is Here To Wreck You Emotionally For The Rest Of The Year — VIDEO

You know when you read headlines that are like "this is the best thing ever and you need to click through this slideshow to know all of our deep hidden secrets" and then you click it and realize everybody calls everything the best because that's how they cast a spell on your sad little mortal brain? Yeah, well, this is actually the best series of surprise engagement videos on the Internet — trust me.

Whether you want to dream of your own engagement day, live vicariously through the joy of strangers, or just, uh, cry because you want to (I did not get past minute one without breaking into tears, by the way) this is absolutely the video for you. From taking a selfie to dropping to his knee while recording her face up close, to the floor of a hospital room where she was getting cancer treatment to full-out song and dance numbers to A MAGIC TRICK THAT ENDS WITH THE RING IN HER HAND, YES I AM SERIOUS, if you ever questioned how far someone would go to make the moment special, this will dissolve your fears once and for all.

So watch, weep, share as a lightly subtle hint to the partner in your life that you expect something of this caliber if not better, or simply find resolve in the fact that there are people in this world who have love, even if they aren't you. If nothing else, it's a reminder that while fairy tales are mostly constructs and unrealistic portrayals of existence, there are those moments in life that feel strangely like "happily ever after."

The surprise selfie-swap:

An actual magic trick:

The classic "hospital room proposal":

Check out the rest here: on YouTube

Images: YouTube