'Outlander' Season 2 Trailer Debuts & It's Amazing

When Season 1 of Outlander ended last spring, it was on a rough note. The show, which is about a British army nurse from the 1940s being thrust back in time through a magical stone to 1740s Scotland, (no, seriously, that's the plot and it's really good, OK?), followed Claire and Jamie Fraser through a slew of unpleasant situations during the first season. The inaugural episodes covered everything from infidelity to murder to an actual witch hunt, and ended with the revelation that Claire was pregnant. Each episode was integral to the plot and the show was frequently shocking. And now, after a doozy of a season finale, the trailer for Outlander Season 2 is finally here.

At the end of the Season 1 finale, it seemed unclear how the Frasers would go on. Could they really not return to Scotland? Could Claire and Jamie avoid the global turmoil of the 1700s? With the source material spanning eight novels so far, it's not hard to think that the television adaptation could be around for a long time. The show has been very faithful to the trajectory of the books, and, by the looks of the new trailer, the next installment will closely follow the events of Dragonfly in Amber, the second book in the series.

With another season of drama-soaked goodness right around the corner, here's a few reasons to get excited for new episodes of Outlander.

1. It Takes Place In France

That's right! We're no longer in the rugged Scottish countryside. It's off to the refinement and extravagance of 18th century Paris! This will be quite the change for one Jamie Fraser, a particularly wily Scot.

2. There Will Be Amazing Costumes

Look at that opulence! Don't get me wrong, the first season had it's moments, but, for the most part, everyone was dirty and living in war torn old castles. Having grand costumes will be a nice change of pace.

3. Claire Is Pregnant

As fans discovered on the season finale, Claire and Jamie are expecting their first child. Claire and Jamie are used to getting into all sorts of shenanigans, so it will be interesting to see how pregnancy factors into it all.

4. Jamie Is Just As Brooding

Apparently a change of scenery and a baby on the way have not lessened Jamie Fraser's furrowed brow. He's still got that mysterious, ultra-masculine vibe that he had during season one. Glad to hear it.

5. There's Still Some Violence

Not to be outdone by all the romance in the show, there appears to still be some violence to balance things out. After all, this was a time period riddled with war and civil unrest, it would be hard to leave out.

6. Claire Is Trying To Change The Future

Claire is on a mission to save Scotland from a losing war. Somehow that involves something with being in France, I guess? Claire seems to have a plan though, and even if it goes wrong, it's sure to make for some compelling TV.

Season 2 of Outlander will premiere on Starz in spring 2016.

Images: Starz/YouTube (7)