Why The 'Pokemon' Xmas CD Is Required Listening

If you're looking to shake up your holiday playlist this year, might I be so bold as to I recommend you throw 2001 album Pokémon Christmas Bash into your winter mix (not to be confused with a wintry mix. I mean, I guess you can toss the tunes into a wintry mix if you want, but it might be hard to hear the music over the sleety rain)? For if there ever was a must-have Xmas album based on a video game/card game/animated series/movie franchise about monsters that live inside small orbs, it’s this one.

Whether it's one of the original songs, a cover of a classic, or a karaoke version, every last track on Pokémon Christmas Bashare essential holiday listening. The entire album brings the cheer, is stuffed to the Magikarp gills with puns, and showcases the musical stylings of a number of beloved Pokémon characters. Not sold on it yet? Here are a few more of the reasons I choose you, Pokémon Christmas Bash:

  1. All of Dexter the Pokédex’s sweet rhymes on the album’s title track.
  2. This line from the album’s title track: "The holidays wouldn't be the same/Without roasting chestnuts on Char-i-zard's flame!" Ugh, we should all be so lucky to roast chestnuts on a Charizard flame.
  3. And this line: "Brock’s kickin’ it and it’s a gas!" Ugh, we should all be so lucky to have a gas while Brock kicks it.
  4. And this line: "We’ve got a Christmas tree full of Poké Balls!" Ugh, we should all be so lucky to have an extensive collection of Poké Ball Xmas ornaments.
  5. All of “I’m Giving a Santa Pikachu for Christmas” because what is more heartwarming than the thought of gifting Mr. Claus with a Poké pal?[Embed]
  6. The snowman/sno-Mon pun from “Winter Is The Coolest Time Of Year.”
  7. The Fridgeotto/Pidgeotto pun from “Winter Is The Coolest Time Of Year.”
  8. The Butterfree/Butterfreeze pun from “Winter Is The Coolest Time Of Year.”
  9. Throughout “Nobody Don’t Like Christmas,” Meowth literally sings Noël's praises and takes a hard stance against non-Xmas holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Arbor Day, and Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to agree with the Poké cat, but his unyielding commitment to Team Xmas is something to behold.
  10. The bass on “I Keep My Home In My Heart" is about as funky as it gets.
  11. Team Rocket’s snap-along cover of “The Christmas Song" is also about as funky as it gets.
  12. Every last one of the spoken interludes on “Under The Mistletoe" are as dramatic as they are suspenseful.
  13. Oh, especially every time Ash shrieks when he realizes a sprig of mistletoe is in close proximity.[Embed]
  14. Have you ever thought the holiday season could use more call-and-response songs? Then “Must Be Santa” will treat you jussssst right.
  15. Have you ever thought “The Night Before Christmas” could use more Pokémon? Then the Pokémon Christmas Bash rendition of “The Night Before Christmas” will treat you jussssst right.
  16. This exchange from “The Night Before Christmas":ASH: “Hey, what's that?"MISTY: “It's a Christmas poem. ’Twas The Night Before Christmas.’ I downloaded it from the Internet."
  17. The Jesse and James laugh that happens at the top of “Christmas Medley.”
  18. “Christmas Medley” gives us the gift that is “Rapidashing through the snow.”
  19. “Christmas Medley” also gives us the gifts that are “We wish you a Marill Christmas” and “And a Hoppip New Year.”[Embed]
  20. The album includes not one, but TWO karaoke-ready songs.
  21. Like, what better way to jazz up a holiday party than a little Poké-aoke?

Oops, now I can't stop saying "Poké-aoke." Marill Christmas to me, eh?

Image: Koch Records