Julianne Moore Proves She Deserves All The Oscars

With a 2015 Oscar for her work in Still Alice and four other previous Academy Award nominations under her belt, Julianne Moore is a force to be reckoned with among actresses in Hollywood. But, can she take on the likes of Elsa? Elmo? Dora The Explorer? Or even Iron Man? When it comes to making some quick street cash, it seems like this critically-acclaimed starlet may actually be more unrecognizable than you would expect! But, when it comes to her talent, well...it's seemingly award-worthy quality is awe-inspiring — whether you realize you are in her presence or not. In this week's episode of TruTV's Billy on the Street, Billy took the Oscar-winning actress to Times Square, where she could meet her match among the characters that populate one of New York City's greatest tourist attractions.

And while The Big Lebowski star might not need the tip money as much as the popular, unofficial costumed characters, she still knows how to take pictures, give hugs, and draw a crowd with her talent alone. And she sure has enough talent to go around for everyone! Even if the wandering, confused faces of the Big Apple don't exactly notice...

Damn, can this girl act or what?! Not only did she recite the lines from her most popular movies with ease while reading them off the provided notecards, but she also got herself near tears while doing so! And made one woman seriously confused (just pay attention to the woman in the background at 2:05). Now, personally, I've never seen a Times Square Elmo do that. Just sayin'.

But, the one thing that has been the most shocking about all of this? Aside from the fact that she didn't make as much money in total as I wouldn't given her (personally), or that people were not running through the streets just to get a picture with her (what I would do, personally), the most shocking part was how easily the Times Square public was willing to hand out Academy Awards! From expressions of shock for a lack of a nomination to wondering how she didn't win, New Yorkers seem to be easily impressed.

Or is the Academy in the wrong? If you take a look at 2010's The Kids Are Alright or 1999's Magnolia you start to seriously wonder: Why hasn't she won before 2015?!

Whether New Yorkers can really do it better than the Academy or not, there's one thing this social experiment has taught us: Spider-Man does not have an Academy Award, but Julianne Moore does.

Images: Giphy