Doomsday Wrecks Havoc In The Batman V Superman

There's been much buzz about seeing Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne square off in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next March. Gotham recently showed a teeny-tiny snippet of new footage from the film leading up to Dec 2, when Ben Affleck appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to debut a new trailer for the movie. But while all of the focus has been on the angst between the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel, the movie's other villains might have fallen off the radar. Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg with the perfect amount of nerdy condescension) definitely makes his presence known throughout the trailer, but there's a bigger, meaner-looking force to contend with at the end of the preview. So, who is that evil-looking rock monster at the end of the Batman v Superman trailer?

That baddie is Doomsday and, in the comics, he's got something in common with Superman: He's also from Krypton. So, he's actually as strong as Superman (if not stronger), which is good, because it's hard to find a foe on planet Earth that could make a convincing (and not-boring) match for someone as invulnerable as Superman. And this looks like one tough mother, so hopefully it'll feel like there are actually some stakes in the game. Just check out the destruction that Doomsday can unleash.

Doomday's origins are equally rough; he's the result of a series of experiments designed to create a life that could sustain itself in the harsh, prehistoric environment on Krypton. This ended with a being that not only had super strength and stamina, but also a great skill for adaptability. Also, there's heat vision, but you can definitely guess that from what Doomsday does in the trailer.

If the comics are any indication, this fight does not bode well for the Man of Steel. Back in the '90s, Doomsday was known as the villain that actually killed Superman. So, if you're placing bets on who would win in the big Batman v. Superman showdown, it might be wise to put your money on the dark horse Dark Knight instead.

Image: Warner Brothers