17 Weed-Inspired Gifts For Cannabis Connoisseurs

by Gina M. Florio

This holiday season, you can shop for something a lot more interesting than sweaters and wallets, especially if you live in a marijuana-friendly state like Colorado. For example, at Denver Kush Club this past Black Friday (or Green Friday, as it's been aptly nicknamed), medical customers were lucky enough to snag an ounce of marijuana for only $99, and the first few at the door walked away with free rolling papers, T-shirts, and even a joint or two. Recreational cannabis-related sales like this have seen a significant spike compared to previous years, and people are not only buying these products for themselves anymore — they're also being bought as marijuana presents for the holidays, too.

Even if you don't have access to sales like the ones at Denver Kush Club, you can still get your hands on some pretty sweet gifts for your adult friends who know how to enjoy some quality weed. Whether you're looking for vaporizers, tonics, or hemp body lotions, you've got access to more websites than ever before that can ship these cannabis-related goods anywhere in the U.S.

Gifts like these are truly the kind that keep on giving; whoever unwraps them will likely end up sharing them with you somehow. I think we call that a win-win. Here are seventeen gift ideas for the stoners in your life.

1. Tantra Karma Pen Vaporizer

Tantra Karma Pen Box Set, $60, Tantra Vape

Take advantage of the benefits of vaping instead of smoking with this sleek and discreet vape. It knocks its competitors out of the park with a battery life that lasts twice as long as most vapes, with a lifetime warranty. It has a dual ceramic coil atomizer, which means you can replace some heating elements in order to use oils and concentrates too.

2. Holy Anointing Oil

Cannabis Oil, $40, Lady Chatterley

Cannabis essential oils are known for a wide range of health benefits: reduction in stress and anxiety, improvement in digestion, and sleep aid. This particular one packs in all those advantages, but it's also made with cinnamon, myrrh, and sesame, adding to the holiday cheer.

In more than 15 states, including New York and Oklahoma, cannabis oil is considered legal because it doesn't have psychoactive properties (it just relaxes your muscles), but in some areas, you may still need to obtain a medical card before purchasing it.

3. Hemp Body Care Set

Hemp Moisture High Expert Gift Set, $39, The Body Shop

This is perfect for a special dude in your life. Complete with hemp lip balm, body butter, and hand and foot cream, he's much more likely to keep himself moisturized this winter with this set.

4. The Stoner's Coloring Book

The Stoner's Coloring Book, $15, Stoners Coloring Book

There are few things more fun than coloring while high. All the psychedelic art in this book was contributed by nine talented artists in San Francisco, and the pages are perforated as well as single-sided, so the final product can be put on display.

5. 2-Strain Cannador

2-Strain Cannador, $139, Cannador

The wooden Cannador is made to store two different strains of marijuana at a time, and its airtight design controls humidity and protects the interior from damaging light. It even has an extra drawer for accessories. Classy.

6. Forest Nymph Tincture

Tincture, Women's Formula, Forest Nymph, $40, Lady Chatterley

Just one drop will relieve pain and might even balance out your bestie's hormones. This tincture is mixed with natural wonders such as Maca and Damiana, and it's specifically designed to ease PMS symptoms.

Cannabis tinctures are now legal in many areas as well, though you probably need a medical card before you can lawfully buy it, even though they also have limited THC properties. See a doctor in the appropriate state to talk about which symptoms, such as chronic pain or sleeplessness, can be treated with tinctures or tonics.

7. Cannabis Candle

Cannabis Santal Candle, $55, Neiman Marcus

Super chic and elegant, this candle is a must-give for that unassuming marijuana lover in your life. Chocolate and patchouli have been blended with cannabis to emit a cozy smell — and maybe cover up those stronger scents that are lurking around.

8. Green: A Field Guide To Marijuana

Green: A Field Guide To Marijuana, $30, Chronicle Books

Any curious, well-read stoner would be thrilled to put this gift on their coffee table. It's so much more than a how-to-smoke-weed book. Over 170 classic strains are photographed and their histories are laid-out — plus, there's plenty of smoking etiquette to be learned.

9. Good Vibes Ashtray

Cookies Good Vibes Ashtray, $40, Cookies

It's cool, it's functional, and it's totally unpretentious. This ashtray is made of thick glass, so it's very unlikely your clumsy SO will shatter it.

10. Weed Money Coin Purse

Weed Money Coin Purse, $6, Always Fits

Hello, stocking stuffer! This kitschy storage pouch can be used for just about anything — extra coins, rent money, electronic chargers — and it makes for a great conversation starter.

11. Lemon Tree Grinder

Large 2-Piece Lemon Tree Limited Edition, $46, Santa Cruz Shredder

Friends don't let friends smoke weed without grinding it first. Help someone you love get the most out of their marijuana experience with this useful tool. Even the thickest, stickiest bud won't stand a chance against the shredder's unique tooth design. Oh, and the lid is made with a rare earth magnet.

12. Customizable Vaporizer

Customizable Ascent Vaporizer, $199-299, Da Vinci Vaporizer

Give someone the chance to stand out with a personalized vape. You can choose from an array of patterns, such as skulls, florals, animal prints, or you can slap your own design on there. Ships within 2-3 days too!

13. Rasta Hand-Dyed Tank Top

Rasta Tank Top, $38, Etsy

Your sister will love this spine cut tank top that's been hand dyed with colorful Rasta fabrics. All women's sizes are available, and they're custom made to order.

14. Alien iPhone Case

Alien iPhone Case, $13, Shopwave

Hilarious and practical, this glossy phone cover, which is available for pretty much any iPhone model, will bring a smile to anyone's face, high or not.

15. Blundt Cake Molds

Blundt Cake Molds, $12, Perpetual Kid

For your friend who makes the best special brownies, these adorable cake molds (four come in a set), are the perfect way to say thanks for sharing, in advance.

16. Smoking Steel

AC Greebs Smoking Steel, $30, AC Greebs

It's a water bong that's barely bigger than a quarter. Have you ever seen anything more discreet? Made from medical grade stainless steel, this compact device is an affordable way for your loved one to fly high anywhere and anytime they like.

17. Best Buds Necklace

Best Buds Marijuana Necklace, $32, Etsy

What better way to show your devotion to your BFF than with matching stoner jewelry? These necklaces are handmade, and both come in a little organza gift bag, so you can choose which one best suits you.

Image: Adriano Agulló/Flickr