6 Reason Calum Hood Would Never Pull A Zayn

Calum Hood scared the crap out of 5 Seconds of Summer fans over the weekend when he cryptically tweeted (and then deleted) a message about "leaving and living a normal life" — a sentence that could be interpreted as Hood pulling a Zayn Malik and quitting 5SOS, a terrifying notion for anyone who loves this band as much as I do. Almost immediately, fans began trending "#WeLoveYouCalum" and sharing their messages of support for the bassist, who, just as I suspected (if I do say so myself), isn't actually going anywhere any time soon and was probably just having an off day. That's right: Calum Hood is not quitting 5 Seconds of Summer, so we can all resume listening to "Broken Home" without relating it to a post-Calum Hood 5SOS — not that anyone besides me has actually thought to do that.

Hood not only reassured fans everywhere by simply showing up with the rest of the group at LAX and at the Jingle Ball in Dallas on Wednesday night, he also flat-out told a paparazzo that he's not quitting (more on that below). And we're #blessed for that, you know? I have six Sounds Live Feels Live shows to attend and if Hood quit or 5SOS broke up I'd pretty much have to rearrange my entire summer, and that is just too much planning for me.

In all seriousness: Calum Hood is here to stay, and here are six (super important) signs he's not heading for the door any time soon.

1. When Asked If He Was Leaving The Band, He Answered With A Resounding "F*ck No"

A TMZ videographer caught the guys arriving to LAX the day after Hood tweeted and deleted the cryptic message and asked the singer what was up point-blank. Doesn't get any more definitive than his answer — and he said it with a huge-ass grin.

2. He Tweeted That He Feels "Happy About Everything"

After #WeLoveYouCalum shot to the top trend on Twitter, Hood tweeted this ridiculously silly goat meme, accompanying the photo with a simple smiley face and the word "Me." There you have it: Dude is happy.

3. And Was Probably Just Having An Emo Moment

Who doesn't use Twitter as an outlet to occasionally subtweet their own emotions? Hood's tweet was so vague that it's impossible to interpret what he actually meant, unless he came forward and explained what it was in reference to. Since each of the guys in the band run their own Twitter accounts, it's up to Hood what he decides to post, and sometimes, you just gotta vent those frustrations.

4. The Band Is Currently Hitting Up Jingle Balls Across The Country

On Tuesday night they played Dallas. Wednesday night they're hitting up San Francisco. Next week they'll be on the East Coast and in front of my face as I once again get my 5SOS fix. If Hood's tweet was a message about him quitting the band, he wouldn't be touring with the rest of the guys right now (or captioning photos from the shows with the word "fun" next to them).

5. Just Because 5SOS Has Discussed The Hardships Of Tour Life Doesn't Mean They Don't Love What They Do

The band has been candid about the frustration and depression caused by a grueling tour schedule. And understandably, this honesty has caused fans to wonder why they still pursue their career if they're unhappy. Well, Luke Hemmings had an answer to that, explaining to a fan that it's just one of the aspects of tour life — but they love their live show and it is extremely important to them, a sentiment he later echoed after 5SOS won the ARIA for best Australian Live Act.

6. They Have a No. 1 Album & They're About To Embark On An Enormous World Tour

Yes, this didn't stop Zayn Malik from leaving One Direction and yes, 5SOS has been open about the difficulties of being on the road, but if Hood was truly thinking of leaving the band, this would pretty much be the world's worst time to do it. Not to say that Malik was an easily replaceable member of 1D, but all the guys really had to do was just figure out who would sing his parts live. If Hood, on the other hand, were to quit in the middle of a 5SOS tour, the band would pretty much be SOL without their bassist. Plus, Hood's spoken repeatedly about how much Sounds Good Feels Good means to him — I cannot possibly imagine that he would miss an opportunity to tour the world in support of the record. Or to bring it to fans who love it as much as he does.

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