A Weird Plastic Hand Can Correct Your Desk Posture

by Kat George

If you have problems staying awake at your computer, this plastic hand keeps you from slouching, even if it is totally creepy looking. If you're anything like me, you're currently hunched over your computer typing, spine curved into a comfortable c-shape, neck protruding awkwardly. My mum calls that "turtle neck" and says it's generational. She's probably right. The contraption of my mother's dreams comes from Japanese company Thanko, and using Google translate, appears to be known as the "Agonose arm," and is described thus: "The hunched body, keep the spine and pin by supporting the jaw comfortably correction item". That's exactly from the translation, so the grammar is weird, but you get the idea.

The arm is made from a firm, but still sort of soft urethane, so it will keep your chin supported while also being cushioned and comfortable. The hand is molded like a human hand, and is attached to a "robot arm" which clamps to your desk similarly to a desk lamp. The idea is that you position the arm in a certain way so that it supports your chin and neck, preventing you from slouching over your computer. You can own one for ¥4,980, or about $40, and I think my favorite part is that it comes with a six month warranty because I guess you never know when your robot arm might give up. Here it is in action:

1. Supporting Your Chin While You Type

2. Which In Turn Stops Your Spine From Curling

3. You Can Take A Little Snooze On It

4. Or Let It Gently Caress Your Cheek

No judgment. Whatever gets the job done.

Images: Thanko