Colton Haynes Reveals He Struggles With Anxiety

Just because an actor or actress is living what appears to be quite the glamorous Hollywood life, that doesn't mean they aren't dealing with real-life issues on a daily basis. For example, Arrow actor Colton Haynes struggles with anxiety, he revealed on Twitter Wednesday. After tweeting a link to a study shared by Upvoted, the 27-year-old TV star opened up completely about his long battle with anxiety and how others dealing with similar issues aren't alone. He said,

For those of you who are suffering with intense anxiety... ur not alone. It's been a constant struggle for me since 5th grade. It's a battle. Anxiety had put me in the hospital a countless amount of times. Whether it be fainting, hyperventilating, or seizures... I've been through it. Just know ur not alone & it affects more ppl than you would ever know. We can overcome this. We can fight thru it & will.

His openness didn't stop there as he went on to tell fans that he's even quit jobs and missed out on social events, because his anxiety has reached extreme levels. "I've quite [sic] jobs because of anxiety, flaked on social events, family gatherings, birthdays, important movie/work tests," Haynes revealed. "Its a serious problem."

The former Teen Wolf star went on to encourage others to be sympathetic towards individuals suffering from anxiety, because it isn't something that should be brushed off. "Be there for those who struggle with anxiety & realize its a serious disorder," he tweeted. "Its not a case of 'being dramatic'... its [sic] a life long struggle." Haynes also wants others to know that they're not alone and he knows exactly what it's like. "Love those suffering," he posted. "Anxiety has caused me to be extremely agoraphobic & livin in constant fear of leavin my house at times. Ur not alone."

As someone who deals with mild anxiety from time to time, but not on the same level as Haynes, it's helpful to hear his story and know that I'm not the only one who at times feels like they're not "normal." Like Haynes has proven, anxiety is a real struggle that many deal with and his story is truly going to benefit others, including myself.