This 'Star Wars' Video Is Great For Newbies

I know it might be impossible to believe this, but there are still people out there who have never seen a Star Wars movie. I know. I know. While it might be easier to want these people burned at the stake, or just plain cut them out of your life, there's a better way to deal with the non-Star Wars fan over there acting like that's any way to live. The Internet was kind enough to give us a YouTube video that condenses all of the Star Wars movies in three minutes. That's right: three minutes. Not even a whole marathon. They really have no excuse now. Soon, we can all go to the "Dark Side" and actually know what that means, instead of their usual deflection go-to: nodding our heads while smiling.

If you're weary about the video, don't be. It's fairly short, informative, enlightening, and great if you want to engage in polite conversation with the rest of the Star Wars-watching world without being shunned and/or utterly humiliated. Not that I'm talking from experience or anything. (Hey, we were all young and foolish once!) Also, as Entertainment Weekly points out, it's just a good way to get informed on the prolific series, especially if you're being dragged to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens with your Yoda-loving friends. Trust me, anyone can get the whole plot thing down by watching this video.

Peep the "Star Wars So Far" video below. You should also probably take some notes as you do. Better yet, go back and highlight once it's all over.

Feel free to now add, "Proficient in Star Wars" to your resume.

Image: Lucasfilm