Aubrey Plaza To Guest Star On 'Criminal Minds' & Spencer Reid Won't Know What Hit Him

Season 11 of Criminal Minds just got a little bit funnier. Aubrey Plaza will be guest starring on Criminal Minds in an episode airing on January 13 on CBS. The actress will be playing a role that i'm sure would make her Parks and Recreation character, April Ludgate, very proud. Considering her character of April Ludgate always had a little bit of a darker side to her, it should be fairly simple for Plaza to step into the insane world of Criminal Minds. In the episode, she will be playing a character named Cat Adams, who is the love interest to Dr. Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Grey Gubler.

For fans of Criminal Minds, it's widely known that Reid doesn't have the best luck in the romance department. One of the many reasons is his very high intelligence, and he always seems to have the worst timing when it comes to finding love. Not only is he not skilled with the ladies, but his last girlfriend was murdered — in front of him. Suffice to say, his first shot back on the market is not exactly how he imagined it. Just once it would be nice to see Reid end up with a normal girl — who is also a super genius — but it doesn't seem that Season 11 will be his lucky charm.

Especially considering Plaza's character will invite him on the date, only to pull a gun on him, and threaten to kill the whole restaurant if he doesn't use his intelligence to figure out how to save everyone. Considering Reid has one of the highest IQs, and is an incredible FBI agent, there is probably nothing to worry about. Then again, this show hasn't made it to Season 11 for nothing. There is always one big surprise up their sleeves; I'm just hoping it ends with Reid alive.

2016 will be a big year for Plaza. Since Parks and Recreation ended earlier this year — I'm still grieving — she has had a steady flow of television and film roles coming her way. In theaters January 22 is Dirty Grandpa, where Plaza stars alongside Zac Efron and Robert DeNiro as a love interest to Robert DeNiro. Yep, you read that right. Things are just getting started for her, and I can't wait to see her on the screen in the next year.

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