These Are Our Biggest First Date Fears

No matter how many dates you've been on, first date nerves are completely normal. And nerves make us do weird things. For me, I end up talking too much (a horrible nervous habit) and probably spill food down myself. A lot of food. A whole plate of food. My current girlfriend stepped out of her shoe and got it caught in the door on our first date, but was too British too bother the man sitting in front of the door, so spend a solid five minutes balancing drinks and trying to receive her shoes while I watched and laughed... supportively.

Something about being nervous just makes us unable to behave like normal humans. It's like the texts you get from friends, who can dress themselves every other day of the year, suddenly asking you whether or not they can should be wearing high waisted jeans or oven mitts as gloves. So what do we fear the most? surveyed nearly 82,000 users about their worst first date fears. While this dating site where men can pay women to date them, it's not something that I would use, it's pretty interesting to see what such a huge pool of people think.

So what are the biggest first date fears?

1. Bad Breath

Thirty-six percent named this their biggest fear. Which is why you see so many people nervously popping breath mints before dates. But if is just me or do mints make it worse sometimes? Like after? You know? OK just me then.

2. Something Caught In My Teeth

A quarter of us worry about that. I think worrying about it means you're ahead of the curve, because I totally forget about it until I go to the bathroom and realize there's an entire avocado in my teeth. Pit and all.

3. Spilling On Yourself

Fifteen percent of people understand me.

4. Wardrobe Malfunction

I don't normally worry about this, but 14 percent of people do and I should too. Because once I was wearing a tube top and my entire boob did fall out on a rooftop bar in Peckham. Luckily, because he was sat at my side and I was wearing a big coat, my date couldn't see it, but everyone across with me could so I subtly popped it back in and gave them a thumbs up. Apologies to everyone in South London that night.

5. Drinking Too Much

Ten percent of people fear this, because who knows what you'll say once a shot of Dutch courages turns into four bottles of Dutch courage. Because then you're showing them your favorite cat GIFs and Powerthirst videos and laughing and crying and wait, what's their name again?

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