Lena Dunham's The Twiggy Of 2014

by Mackenzie Brewster

This was the mag appearance we've been waiting to see: Lena Dunham is on the cover of Vogue 's February 2014 issue. And Girls’ Hannah Horvath might do a double-take if she saw it with her own eyes.

Let’s face it, she might enjoy making Marnie a little jealous. And she would most likely start feeling a little more sophisticated than Adam. In Nathan Heller's Lena Dunham cover story, photographed by Annie Leibovitz, two emotion-filled seasons of Girls are captured in one facial expression.

The spread features Dunham as Hannah with a glamorized edge. Along with co-star Adam Driver, she assumes her usual positions — bathtubs, unmade beds, subways. But in this lifetime, she’s sporting makeup and a haircut that is not DIY. Oh, and she’s also wearing clothes.

From a very mature Dolce & Gabbana cap-sleeved black dress for her big-city book parties to all too impractically feathered spring 2014 Rochas shoes, Vogue styles Dunham in her character’s dream wardrobe.

But the glossy does more than bring Dunham into the world of high-fashion. Her dazed and innocent expression, highlighted by perfectly smudged eye-liner, closely resembles another high-fashion trailblazing girl: Twiggy. In referencing the 1960s supermodel, Vogue makes a statement. Twiggy initially became known for her thin build and mod, androgynous look. Short hair, spider-like lashes, and big eyes combined with a tiny frame made her stand out from many American models, and also landed her numerous Vogue covers.

Twiggy’s look marked the beginning of change in the supermodel, cover-girl prototype, and we can only hope that Dunham’s look will have the same effect. Just like Twiggy, Dunham has made strides in fashion — she wears color, takes risks, and experiments with different shapes and designers. Vogue shows us a soft side to Dunham. While she may be tamed, she keeps her famous pout, and doesn’t ditch her dramatic flare.

Image: Vogue