11 Weird Things Ride Or Die Best Friends Do

by Lily Feinn

Best friends are such a big part of each other’s lives and can get so close that some behavior can seem a little ... let’s just say ... weird. And not the normal kind of weird either — the kind where an outsider would take a look at your actions and not be able to come up with a context for them if they tried. But when you are so comfortable with a person that they are like family, you can easily step over the line with what is deemed socially acceptable. That’s OK, though, 'cuz you guys know you're not really bonkers … most of the time.

As my best friend in the whole world will tell you, I am a very quirky person with many eccentricities and foibles. They know pretty much everything about me, ranging from my biggest fears (being covered in ants) to how I find Steve Buscemi strangely sexy. Over the years, they have seen every side of me, and still love me (Heaven help them). And in return, I’d do anything for my BFF, from holding their hand during a breakup to holding their hair after a party. But best friends share much, much more than that.

So grab your bestie (if they are not standing there already) and see how many of these things you two are guilty of:

1. You Run Every Minute Daily Decision Past Each Other

It doesn’t matter how big or small, your friend’s word is law. Whether you’re sending them a picture of your outfit every morning to make sure that you're not colorblind, or you can’t decide whether to send that new cutie a late night text, your best friend is always there to help. Texting about every little thing might seem a bit extreme to strangers, but who cares? Your best friend knows you better than anyone else (sometimes including yourself), and no decision is simple, so thank the cell phone gods for unlimited text!

2. You Are Perfectly Happy Sleeping In The Same Bed

You guys have no problem snuggling up in the same bed. As the weather turns cold, spooning with your bestie can be oddly comforting. I mean, it’s basically like giving them a hug lying down, right? So put on those cozy flannel jammies, make some popcorn, and snuggle up on the couch with the person who knows the value of a Real Housewives marathons.

3. You Have Best Friend ESP

Nine times out of ten you can finish each other’s sentences, and have reached the point where if one of you starts the other concludes. Sometimes you finish each other’s meals too, because usually you want the same thing to eat. It can get a little freaky how intimately you know each other, and can predict each other’s needs. But isn’t it better having someone who knows exactly when you both need that pick-me-up milkshake?

4. You Go To The Bathroom In Front Of Each Other

You know you have a best friend when you get lonely peeing by yourself. Yes, even the most intimate of acts is not off-limits. Best friends don’t want to stop their conversation just because nature calls. Heck no! Plus, then you always have someone to help when the stall is out of toilet paper.

5. You Spend Hours Talking About Nothing Important

… And it was the best conversation you’ve had with anyone all day.

6. You Participate In Extreme Grooming

You are not above picking spinach out of your best friend’s teeth, or popping an annoying zit on their back. None of that grosses you out anymore! Like monkeys picking fleas off each other, grooming is a sign of love and caring. You’d happily ask them to check out a weird mole or spend the night tweezing their eyebrows — you’re happy being the Oxpecker to their Elephant.

7. You’ve Been Naked In Front Of Each Other And You’re Cool With It

Seriously, it’s not a big deal. We all have bodies, and you know your best friend would never judge you. You’re totally safe to be yourself with them, and together you can throw modesty out the window. And while maybe we aren’t all as self-assured as Lena Dunham, whether you’re trying on clothes in the same changing room or skinny dipping on vacation, there comes a time when you will be downright exposed.

8. You Borrow Each Other’s Stuff So Much That You Forget Who Owns It

As friends, you share everything: memories, hopes, dreams… hair dryers. Of course, you are happy to lend them a book or a sweater if they ask. Basically your closet has become the community chest. And let’s be honest, sometimes they are just going to rock your leather jacket a little harder than you. Besides, you know you’ll get it back one day… probably.

9. You Have Overly Complicated Inside Jokes That Would Take Years To Explain

Remember that story about the eggplant? Chances are that no one besides your BFF does, but just the sight of an eggplant will send you both into hysterics. Normally these jokes can consist of a single word or phrase, leaving outsiders scratching their heads while the two of you ROFL while chanting “Mr. Bungle” at each other.

10. You Talk Honestly About Each Other's Flaws

If you are being completely truthful with yourself, you can be a bit of a jerk sometimes. Having someone who is totally willing to call you out on your nonsense can save you both in the moment and help you correct destructive patterns. As jarring as it can be for outsiders to see someone tell you in public that you’re being a bit of a toad, it also is just as likely to snap you into a better frame of mind. Because no one likes a toad, not even Prince Charming.

11. They Are Basically Part Of Your Family

Your best friend is the family you choose. Sometimes they can be as annoying as a younger brother, but you love them all the same. Nothing would be more fun than having a Thanksgiving feast or birthday celebration just the two of you. They have a copy of your house keys and are listed as your emergency contact. You make each other laugh, and are there for all the ups and downs, ins and outs. Some might ask how you could possibly be so close. Of course they wouldn’t understand, that’s a secret only you and your bestie share.

Images: pexels, giphy